Do your own research – don’t take my word for it.

Zionism is about establishing the state of Israel.

Zionistm is a racist ideology because it maintains that Jews are a separate race in the same way that Nazis claimed that Germans were a separate race. Both are racist ideologies.

Zionists are not representative of Jews although they try to be. The reality is that there are Jews everywhere as they have always been – just as there are all sorts of people everywhere.

Israel is a Fascist racist state just as Nazi Germany was. Israel has engaged in ethnic cleansing just as Nazi Germany did.

ed: Racism is a totally outdated concept from Colonialism. It was about regarding black people being an inferior race so that slave traders could profit from their evil trade. There is one race, the human race. Differences are simply beautiful and wonderful.

ed: And science suggest that we’re all from Africa.

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