WTF are BBC now reporting Argoed instead of Bargoed?

BBC now reporting Argoed instead of Bargoed.

WFT is that?

ed: WTF is that about?

How on earth do they get that so wrong?

ed: How crap is that?


What for?

Does this suggest that reporting is a lower standard than should be expected?

Is a bit crap, No?

00.25 This whole story is very dodgy. Are the BBC obfuscating it further?

This story has the hallmarks of total BS.

Total OTT BS

cannibalism? FO

OK, I realise. They’re saying Argoed to throw people off. It must be. It can’t be not deliberate.

It’s Bargoed in South Wales, 5 miles or so from Blackwood. Ystrad Mynach. You got it?

It’s there, You should find it now.

5live is still reporting Argoed. It’s Bargoed.

Er, Is there an Argoed?

Looks like I should admit that I was wrong. Looks like I was wrong. I have never heard of Argoed WTF is it?

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