Why go the pub?

To slack out, have a laugh, relax?

Sorry – on behalf of the Labour Party – because Tony Blair decided that you poor miserable scum are not allowed to have any respite. Tony decided you don’t need to slack out and have friends or mates. He thinks you should just do your work and be grateful you don’t have to go to the workhouse.

Tory scum Cameron and Osborne believe that the gutter is where us scum belong i.e. us who have not been prividliged by birth to be ridiculously wealthy,


Nah They need to know that they are shits

That they are the shits

I’ll say it: I’m really annoyed with rich cnuts: Feck em. They have money. I don’t. So what? I have rights, the6y don’t have more rights than me because they’re rich.

Is difficult because I have no experience and I don’t know. Is what you do and I defer.

It was a hard time under Blair. I was only able to ************************* from my perspective. Blair used the military on civilians.

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