What is it to be a Fascist?

Fascism is about authoritarian rule and it is regarded as opposed to democracy.

So Fascism is about authoritarianiam, following a strong leader. I don’t think that Boris can do that but Priti is going for it.

5.40 But then Priti is Murdoch (Press baron old fart hopefully dying soon :)’s choice little.

I’ve got it – little Fascist tool. Hiya Ruppie, nice to have your attention. Have a good afterlife ;)

Hey Ruppie, I’ve said it before, but hope you die soon. Best wishes but you should know that you’ve always been a total cnut. I want you to know that when you die ;)

You can’t say that to family, can you? [ed: He might hear ;)

ed: Fascism is about people submitting to the authority of some twat with a loud mouth, uniforms, ribbons, banners and shiny buttons. [ed: They can do it without the shiny buttons and all that …]

[Fascism can do without the buttons. It is about submission to and an acceptance of a right-wing ideology where there is an acceptance and acquiesence of a corrupt right-wing ideology, an unquestioning acceptance of a corrupt, perverse authority]. There’s also the issue of a totally flaccid non-opposition.

or crap hair

I don’t think that crap hair does it actually

and Priti I think you need a proper Mesamorph body to be respected as a proper Fascist really sorry.

Oh dear :)

Bye PP, C’est la vie.

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