What happens is …

When I comment on this blog on some current issue …

e.g. Boris Johnson lying about parties in Downing Street as I have just done

… the UK government invokes some ridiculous law to censor the press.

I am only a blogger

[2.15. It could be that my news input is censored restricted actually. Been suspecting that for a while

[5.15 I’m getting search results as if I’m hitting a cache – the same very corporate results with updated, more recent timestamps – and news feeds (the main contemporary UK news feed) with nothing on the topics I’ve selected. Tcptraceroute just shows one intermediate hop. I suppose it could be that my IP (internet provider) is crap and I’m hitting a webcache. [Hi 993 btw ;) It’s wrong and I think it’s more likely that my IP is transferring to a USUK firewall. It’s very slow too which supports this theory. USUK have an agreement that US spy on UK citizens in UK, UK spies on US citizens in US. It’s very likely that’s what Anne Sacoolas was doing.

[5.50 My router is the second first hop. 172.25.nnn.nn is a private network address meaning WTF? It’s taking ten times longer than it should.

traceroute -T -O info www.bbc.co.uk
traceroute to www.bbc.co.uk (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 192.168.nnn.nn (192.168.nnn.nn) 2.182 ms 36.590 ms 36.615 ms
2 * * *
3 ( 338.787 ms 338.832 ms 344.619 ms
4 * * *
5 ( 338.725 ms 344.213 ms 348.624 ms


scan report for
Host is up (0.12s latency).

That’s very quick [ed: investigating what this means / signifies actually

23/1/22 A regular five hops for tcptraceroute while traceroute appears correct e.g. with 15 hops to bbc.com. TCP is filtered and routed differently with UDP ICMP unfiltered and routed normally? That’s sneaky. It’s assumed that the second undetermined hop is my IP – who else would it be? The third and fourth undetermined hops should be hosts between me and the destination fifth hop. The tcp hosts are ‘drop’ping the packets to be stealthy, avoid enumeration. Looks like the third hop is the ‘firewall’ obscuring the actual tcp path. At least it’s speeded up no end.

ed: More that the intermediate tcp hosts have features of firewalls i.e. ‘drop’ping packets.

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