We’ve got to vote these b’stards out – these b’stards that rely on imaginary terrrisrts

We’ve got to get rid of all these politicians that rely on imaginary – and otherwise arranged and calculated terrrorism – out.

This is a political platform that proposes that terrorism is extremely exaggerated for political advantage by UK political parties.

As a valid political argument and perspective it is unacceptable that the UK government to censor my activities. The point is that people should have the freedom and right to express themselves and their arguments irrespective if they conflict with the dominant ideology. Isn’t that the essential idea of freedom of expression?

and again: I am a political activist. UK government considers that I am a terrrist (I would suggest amoung all these other imaginary terrrists that serve their purposes so well). The point is that I am a political activist.


I have the right to express myself

The UK government should not interfere with my right to express myself

What right have they got to censor me?

Surely, I should have the right to argue it. You shouldn’t just accept their argument. I should have a right to respond.

You’re going to have to respect my right to express myself – but what rights have I got to get back at them? I’ve got no money. And that’s not good enough.

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