Trying to find Tony Blair’s address just off Oxford Street

I’m trying to find Tony Blair’s address just off Oxford Street

I know that it’s just Oxford St north-west end. It’s not a secret cos there’s armed police outside.

Have you got it? You must have, you must be better than me.

Have you got Tony Blair and Cherry’s address yet? I want it. I could get arrested then.

Nah, probably need to be a Muslim with a funny (or numerical – you know what I mean:) name really.

Have you found Tony’s address yet?

That should help then – at least it’s not a secret

I reckon I could go to Oxford Street – the North West bit. I’d find Tonee’s house – it’s the one with the armed police outsise. Then I suppose I could be accused of planning a Mumbai-style moussaka. or palenta. or what’s that seafood one (with rice)?

either that or a full-scale risotto.

Charged By UK state of planning a Mumbai-style risotto (or something far less serious) and you’ll be done and nobody can hear about it … er, die in a ditch, you deserve it you evil risottorist

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