Theresa May, you either hear me or you don’t sign it

Theresa May, Home Secretary

I know it doesn’t have to be you – it can be some Chief Constable

but I’ll hold you responsible

because as Home Secretary,

you are responsible

You’re either going to lift this RIPA order on me

[actually it may be many RIPA orders: They tend to say according to RIPA you will do this and not tell anyone under threat of serious imprisonment. RIPA is about don’t tell anyone (even your solicitor) or you’ll be imprisoned. So there may be many RIPA orders. If I get one I’ll publish it.]


account for it


ed: and I suggest that RIPA orders are so anti-democratic, why not publish them? I would really not be surprised if RIPA orders have been for political rather than any other purpose. Time to publish them? You could always pretend that they were leaked ..

The one on my ISP is … Don’t let him have his stats – don’t let him know how many people visit his website. How does that serve any useful purpose other than hit the political activist? What else can it achieve?

It’s weird isn’t it? I think that it is right that I should be given the opportunity to respond to the charges made against me. Shouldn’t I have the opportunity to defend myself against these charges made against me? Apparently not, lucky I don’t live in Pak.

Why is there so much hostility to me? There is so much hostility to me because I have been a successful political activist. The problem is that for invisible and unaccountable processes unknown to me where I have no opportunity to represent myself to seek to silence me is not appropriate for a democratic society.

I call you Fascist. I call you Fascist not only for silencing dissent but for repressing any political opposition.

Theresa May, The Tory, Lib-Tory coalition you lift this RIPA political repression immediately. Now.

You have to justify it anyway and you have to justify why it continues. Now and advise everyone that these RIPA orders are lifted NOW, not tomorrow. NOW.

You cancel these RIPA orders now. Theresa May, Home Secretary you lift these RIPA orders now because political activism is legitimate activity. Now.

Theresa May, Home Secretary, You have to recognise my absolute right to express myself. I am a political activist and I have an absolute right to criticise you and your government.

This is how it’s going to be. You are not going to interfere with my right to express myself in any way. Got it? If you are going to sign these RIPA orders or allow some subordinates to do it, then you are going to allow me the opportunity to challenge it. Got it?

That’s the least I expect from a democratic society.

I know fully well that my home has been bugged, that a car I have often use of has been bugged and that an occasional friend of mine’s home has been been bugged. I consider that that’s excessively unreasonable and out of order. I’m sure that any concerned newspaper could confirm this – they’re still going to be there. Any newspapers interested?

I am actually concerned about govt spying even before all this started – back in 2000/1 or so … not against me even. There may even be evidence of that.

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