The really nasty untrue shit in shared secret files on me

I’ve come to realise in the past few days about the really nasty untrue shit shared in secret files on me. So this is secret files which you are never supposed to know about. Can you imagine the worst things they could allege – without any truth or supporting evidence? That’s it and this totally fucking nonsense – because you’ve disagreed with a lecturer – is following you around for the rest of your life – without you even supposed to know about it. It’s from the police or similar – totally unverified, just a rumour that some cnut can raise – shared with medical professionals, councils, who knows who the fuck else. Courts get access to it but you don’t – it’s secret, these so nasty allegations that you are never given the opportunity to refute because you’re never even fekking told about it. Council Housing Officers – my? -are particular fekking cnuts.

ed: I want to make clear. These are unverified allegations I believe originated from a useless, asshole lecturer probably because I objected to his Fascism. We had opposing politics – he was a Fascist, I was a Socialist. I have then been recorded as a suspected worst bastard imaginable on police databases which is shared widely in secret. People I come into contact with like doctors , policemen and council officers who have access to this really nasty shit treat me like a total bastard because they treat this shit as truth rather than I disagreed and argued with a simpleton Fascist lecturer.

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