The danger ahead

There’s danger ahead. The Tories recent attacks on asylum seekers is going to fail since it’s totally ill-founded. Despite being very useless, I’m uncertain that the Tories are totally, absolutely uselss. Surely they know that this attack is doomed to failure? The danger is that the failure is expected, accounted for and part of a wider strategy towards what? With Sunak’s attacks on lefty lawyers i.e. an attack on the judicial process really the obvious guess is a power grab against the independence of the judiciary.


9/3/23 Apologies, this should have occurred to me yesterday. Starmer is in every way as much a Tory as Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson or Tony Blair. It would be ideal for the Tories to transition to Starmer’s pretend Labour government for ten or fifteen years as a caretaker government looking after the interests of the rich and powerful. It very nearly happened after the total debacle of the short-lived Truss government but I feel that there wasn’t the demands expected for some reason ;) So, is yet another Tory debacle needed to sweep in Starmer’s new Labour (Tory) government?

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