The cost-of-living crisis will be ‘fatal’ for children in poverty, Jack Monroe warns

ACTIVIST and food writer Jack Monroe issued a stark warning today that the cost of living crisis will be “fatal” for children in poverty.

The campaigner, who specialises in low-cost cooking, warned MPs that the impact of the crisis on “millions of children living in poverty in Britain today” is “going to be, in some cases, fatal,” a term that she didn’t “use lightly.”

She told the work and pensions committee that the home situation of children living in poverty was “already untenable” and had been worsening over the last decade.

The 33-year-old said you could only get around two-thirds as much for a £20 weekly food shop now as a few years ago.

“And that’s not people deciding not to go to the theatre or not have legs of lamb or bottles of Champagne, that’s people deciding ‘we won’t eat on Tuesday or Thursday this week’ or ‘we’ll turn the heating off’ or ‘we’ll skip meals’.”

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