The absolute absurdity of Capitalism

My break is giving me a chance to reflect.

Capitalism is insane nonsense. The profit motive is entirely what we don’t want.

Think about it.

Think about your needs and desires,

Think about how to achieve that …

later: Think about what stops you


The profit motive: You work for others, they profit and you work

for their benefit

You work for their benefit


To maintain a tiny elite in absolute, extreme luxury. Do you not realise? It’s difficult to describe the absolute elitism that they enjoy. Working people work, the landed aristocracy play.


Tony: I seem to have a klingon

(Butler) Ian: My pleasure, sir. It tasted divine


The absolute absurdity of Capitalism is that we allow it.


I am calling out to nations worldwide: Capitalism / Globalisation is not [what] you should be following. That’s all about extortion and exploitation. These Western politicians are so into Globalisation. They want to subsume nations …

… into supporting the – less than 1per cent.

It’s a tiny proportion. The fantastically rich (they are probably less than 1 per cent)

They are far less than 1 per cent

F them. F rich bstards

That’s exactly what needs to be said

F them



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