Terrrist suspect here. Suspected Terrorist here (Political Activist)

Please appreciate that I have been …

I drove a mini car – a British Leyland mini 1000

what a lovely car.

(I’m carrying on

So what’s happening of course is

Hey, do you think that perhaps you ought to wake up?

Do you think that perhaps you should engage …


Engage brain? I’m going to have to give up on it.

It’s very disappointing that there are not many people that think for themselves.

later: Stick it UYA

It’s because I was a political activist. It’s because I attended political demonstarations

It’s because I went on protests.

It’s because I WAS a political activist.

The trouble is that,

people should be politically active

that’s what democracy is all about

Democracy is about people deciding

who represents them

The police pretended they were looking for a mini 1000


This terrorism nonsense is done by governments. It used to be be afraid of the Soviet Union. It’s BS.

In the end, This TS BS, you’ve gotta sat SIYA

So this is how it works. Legitimate political activists in UK are …

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