PARODY: JSO activists banged up

Just Stop Oil (JSO) activists in UK have been imprisoned for Thoughtcrime and being woke tofu-eating Guardian-readers. Posing with an expensive Chinook helicopter Parody Home Secretary Sue-Ellen Braverman said “Of all those arrested – although they had not committed any actual physical crime – there is indisputable evidence that they had thought about it. There are claims that they had sworn an oath to take action to get arrested protecting the planet within a month. I will be totally over the top at every opportunity.”

Braverman posing with a ‘Chinook’

She continued “I will use all the power of the state to intimidate and isolate individuals who dare not agree with me. I want to make quite clear that we’re talking about political activists here, usually but not necessarily men, people of different ages who meet and come together – yes totally voluntarily and without any duress – we will not have adults mingling and cavorting with each other. Through our extensive covert intelligence activities we know that one of the most vocal Just Stop Oil supporters was intending to meet one particular ‘youngman’ through a gay dating website. As I say, through our extensive covert operations, we have prevented that from happening and made clear our threats to stifle any such legal behaviour. I will not have people getting on with their private lives and enjoying themselves when they oppose us.”

ed: 7 Nov 22 To clarify: It’s a threat to interfere of course, that a prospective contact has been identified and the very reference to his nick (since altered) is threatening. It’s common knowledge that things work that way. There should be absolutely no interference in my private life. There is absolutely no reason why the Home Secretary should even be aware of my contacts who are absolutely nothing to do with activism. I call on the Home Secretary to resign.

[9/11/22 Braverman landed her Chinook on 3rd November. My message to ‘youngman’ on 2nd November ended “have respect for yourself and expect respect from other people even if we never meet. X”]

later: It’s more than just reference to his nick on this one occasion.

The Metropolitan Police said it had made arrests on Sunday evening and this morning as part of an operation to identify and arrest climate activists suspected of planning the motorway disruption.

Three people suspected of planning public disruption were arrested on Sunday, Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist said.

The force said that another four had been arrested at 8am today at an address in south London for alleged conspiracy to cause public nuisance.

All the arrests were for suspected offences under the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act.

Campaign group Liberty has previously criticised the legislation for “stifling our freedom to protest and setting a dangerous precedent for the future.”


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