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Philip Greed, BHS and Lionheart

Philip Green actually owns three yachts – the new Lionheart at 90 metres, the 63 metre previous Lionheart renamed Lionheart V and a 33 meter fast sports yacht called Lionchase. Tax evader [ed: avoider. Oops, sorry so easy to make … Continue reading

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Ed Miliband is correct in saying that the filthy rich don’t pay tax

That’s how it works, of course … The filthy rich pay no tax … it’s like Heaven on Earth Well … Cameron employed that Greentaxevadingcnt tax exile as an advisor. Employ a fantastically successful evader of UK taxes as an … Continue reading

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Commentary on recent UK political events

Hey Ho, Hey Ho … The Guardian reports that the UK electorate is angry at politicians for being slippery, lying bstards. I think that politicians should be concerned at the level of hatred and subsequent non-participation. How can they claim … Continue reading

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