I advise not having a television


It’s fantastically ‘efficient’ at wasting your time

It’s fantastically ‘efficient’ at distracting you

Don’t you have much better things to do with your life?

ed: Isn’t it just keeping you there inactive – while actually polluting your brain with nonsense – while you could be doing something better or more productive?

Like going for a walk, or meeting people (while you’re going for a walk), tidy up, put the trash out, going to the gym (eh?), going for a walk, go to the pub instead of watching television – please people going to the pub is great, you get to drink alcohol and talk to people. Try it.

Anyway, try taking the fuse out of the plug and see how it goes. You’ll be surprised – your family will talk to each other. You could have a broken fuse so that the television doesn’t work over Christmas. XXX

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mini skirts are terrible … Be really Afraid! They are undermining our society!

Mini skirts are terrible

Be really afraid of mini skirts. Oh sorry, you were

edit: Sorry, I’m should do this better:

It’s either a few people, or Tony Blair and his missus cos they had the address   – as though that was a secret -(it’s just off Regent Street, people have tried to install Saint Tony glass there – you’ll know where it is – there are armed police outside)

or a Mumbai-like massacre. Well that’s almost everything, isn’t it?

It could be either

Well, c’mon you don’t have much clue then for this terrrism trial held in private

It suggests that there is nothing

Is is Blair & co   OR    a  Mumbai massacre?

or nonsense?

it could be a dustbin or 911.

Be afraid, no don’t be afraid.

Please appreciate that what you’re being told by politicians & corporate media is intended to scare you so that you conform.


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