The New World Order

Is it a New World Order?

We have definitely derailed the World Order that was intended.

It was intended that US invaded many countries – four or more – simultaneously. [ed: it is published policy at that time.]

At the very least, we stopped that … and we stopped their World Order.

11/10/15 Later edit: I support Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders. We have to strive and work for a better World for ourselves and our descendants.

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C’mon then let’s go for a New World Order

A New World Order is not Capitalism – obviously.

Let’s go for a New World Order.

We have to make it   .

Let’s make it

What about we recognise that our natural world and people are much more important than money?

Isn’t it easy? We care about people and we care about nature?

And the few that are fantastically rich? Aren’t they the scum that are destroying it for everyone else?

Let’s have a New World Order. Let’s have a New World Order where we are not Capitalists.

A New World Order



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