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Extreme Makeover: Human Activities Are Making Some Extreme Events More Frequent or Intense

https://climate.nasa.gov/blog/3125/extreme-makeover-human-activities-are-making-some-extreme-events-more-frequent-or-intense/ By Alan Buis,NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory In Brief:It’s not your imagination: Certain extreme events, like heat waves, are happening more often and becoming more intense. But what role are humans playing in Earth’s extreme weather and climate event makeover? … Continue reading

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The Climate Events of 2020 Show How Excess Heat is Expressed on Earth

By most accounts, 2020 has been a rough year for the planet. It was the warmest year on record, just barely exceeding the record set in 2016 by less than a tenth of a degree according to NASA’s analysis. Source: … Continue reading

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NASA: 2014 the Warmest Year on Record

Climate change, global warming, irrefutable facts about, climate change, global warming Looking into the eye of a Whale is very special. I am not suggesting that saving whales is any real response to climate change, although of course Whales should … Continue reading

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