About Nelson Mandela

News reports about Nelson Mandela should pay attention to his life:

  • That he was a freedom fighter
  • That he was imprisoned for so many years
  • The reaction of the rest of the world at the time
  • The apartheid regime
  • Opposition to the Apartheid regime worldwide

It’s about what Nelson Mandela fought for


:Looks like you may have various versions :censorship

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Free Nelson Mandela

The Conservative Thatcher government refused to impose sanctions against the oppressive Fascist, Apartheid regime of South Africa. I had a sign in my window reading “SANCTIONS NOW” although I’m pretty certain that I was regarded as a terrorist before then.

[edit: Mandela was regarded as a terrorist which we are coming to realise means those that oppose Neo-Con / Neo-Liberal policies

[Later edit: I’d like to point out that I am not a terrorist. Instead I am a Socialist. Please understand that oppressive states and their agents are very ready to call their opponents terrorists when in reality they are no more than their opponents.

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