Keith Starmer speech: Labour left hits out at leader over dropped pledges as he sets out ‘five missions’

Keir Starmer has faced criticism from the left of the Labour party for backtracking on many of the pledges he made during his 2020 leadership campaign.

The intervention came ahead of a speech in Manchester, in which Sir Keir will set out the five missions his party would pursue in government covering the economy, the NHS, crime, the climate crisis and education.

Momentum, a grassroots organisation representing the left wing of the party, said in a statement on Thursday that Sir Keir’s five missions showed that the pledges made when he ran to succeed Jeremy Corbyn were in “tatters”, despite many of them being “more vital and popular now than ever”.

The 10 pledges Sir Keir made during his leadership campaign included backing public ownership of industries such as railways and energy, increasing taxation on the highest earners and advancing a Green New Deal to tackle climate change.

“Given the scale of the crises and inequality facing Britain, these policies are more vital and popular now than ever,” a Momentum spokesperson said.

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That Nasty Neo-Con Starmer :: Why?

There is huge aversion to the Conservative (Tory) Party in UK meaning that Keith Starmer’s Labour Party is likely to be elected at the next general election. This aversion to the Tories is partly due to successive worse than useless Tory Prime Ministers, Boris’s criminality, lying and cronyism, Brexit which has been catastrophic, trashing of the UK economy (partly due to Liz Truss’s catastrophic bonkers short term as Prime Minister and ill-judged budget), huge inflation and crippling fuel poverty caused by hugely increased energy prices. It is a growing recognition and acknowledgement that the Tories are shits destroying public services including the Health Service.

There is a real danger that Keir Starmer will get elected to government on a false prospectus. For exaample, the UK electorate understands the Labour Party to support the National Health Service (NHS) while Starmer and Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting are opposed to a publicly-owned NHS instead preferring the Tory policy of privatisation. Similarly, the Labour Party’s proposed GB Energy company is likely to be confused with nationalising energy companies which has huge popular support. But it’s not that.

Looking at Keir Starmer’s performance as Director of Public Prosecutions and as Leader of the Opposition can inform us how he’s likely to perform as Prime Minister. It looks as though it should be avoided.

later edit: To Labour Party members: There is an historic opportunity now to move away from Neo-Liberal politics. Why would you want to elect the Tory Keir Starmer as Prime Minister and does that achieve anything?

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Starmer claims Corbyn will not stand as a Labour candidate at next election

Jeremy Corbyn, Islington North Labour MP

For the Many, Not the Few

Uproar as Starmer bans Corbyn from standing as Labour candidate at next election

LABOUR “does not belong to one man but to its members,” campaigners declared today after Sir Keir Starmer vowed Jeremy Corbyn would never again be a Labour MP and told critics of his leadership to quit the party.

The increasingly right-wing Labour leader, who expelled his predecessor from the parliamentary party in 2020, claimed the party he took over nearly three years ago is “unrecognisable and we are not going back.”

In a speech in east London, Sir Keir hailed a decision by watchdog the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to lift Labour out of two years of special measures over its “past failings” on anti-semitism.

But Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) slammed the “alarming news,” stressing: “Jews like us do not feel safe in Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.”

The socialist group said its research shows that Jews have been “at least 37 times more likely to be investigated for anti-semitism than an average Labour Party member” since the former shadow Brexit secretary took the reins in April 2020.

Uproar as Starmer bans Corbyn from standing as Labour candidate at next election

When will we react to Starmer’s war on the whole labour movement?

KEIR STARMER’S Times interview exposes a Labour leader as arrogant as he is dishonest.

Few would disagree with his claim that Labour is “unrecognisable” compared with 2019 — but an honest media would ask this would-be prime minister some searching questions about that.

How does he defend standing to lead the party on a platform of continuing the socialist policies of Jeremy Corbyn, and why, if he was lying then, should we trust him in government?

When he tells anyone unhappy with the way he has changed the party that they are welcome to leave, what gives him the right?

Why should an MP only elected in 2015 tell activists and campaigners of decades’ standing to take a hike? More importantly, why should affiliated unions — which have already seen one of their number, the BFAWU, disaffiliate in disgust — allow a leader to abuse a position he obtained under false pretences to fundamentally change the character of the party they founded?

When will we react to Starmer’s war on the whole labour movement?

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Keith Starmer’s alternative Labour Party speech

[Responding to applause] Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Here we are at the Labour Party conference 2022 - and thanks to the Tory party appointing simple maths misunderstanding incompetents - on the cusp of being elected the UK's government. 

I'll let you into a secret conference. I am the Establishement's man (more on that later). What I want to tell you right now is that I will govern, WE will have a Labour govenment looking after the Capitalists' interests through the hard times ahead until the Conservatives can take over again, after the hard times ahead, with an almost sane leader. 

Yes, I promise to you conference that you can depend on me to look after the rich and powerful just as the Tories do while they take a break and duck out of the total chaos that they've caused. And I say clearly to you conference, that I am proud to do this work for the rich and powerful, to be their servant, to keep them safe while I perform my caretaking role for Capitalism. 

It has been a long road for me to achieve power and I want to thank those that have helped me. I particularly want to thank the Labour officials who were so hostile to and totally undermined the previous leader. And I particularly want to thank the Zionists. 

I know that all of you in this hall, in this party can't say that word Zionist - that ist forbidden - but I can because I'm leader. So thanks to all the Zionists that hounded out the previous Labour leader and his supporters so that I was able to expell them for being opposed to Zionist apartheid, for being Socialists and anti-racist.(2) We can't have any of them in this party, this is a new era, we are at the centre of UK politics, we are New Labour, the New Red Tories.   

We are in a new era conference. You will be aware that I thanked the Zionists by installing a former Israeli spy into the centre of Labour Party activities, actually a member of 8200 Unit, to spy on you members and pursue the interests of Israel.(1)

I am in thrall to Israel - but don't you dare call me a Zionist - dat is forbidden. As I said I am an Establishment man but unfortunately, what I have yet to realise is that the Establishment moves very slowly but ever so occasionally has seismic shifts. I still have yet to realise that the UK establishment may not be too pleased with me being so in thrall to a foreign state and installing a former Israeli spy in my office. 

As I finish this sermon, I ask you all to join me in singing the National Anthem ... 

(1) Also responsible for rapid rebuttal according to the job description. 
(2) This is all well documented by al Jazeera in their 2 investigative reports 'The Lobby' and 'The Labour Files'.

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