Psst, don’t say it too loudly. What’s wrong with UK politics. Shall we start and how the so-called ‘Labour’ party is going so wrong? To continue and continue …

Well if the so-called Labour party’s not going to do it, someone’s got to do it.

Stop being such Neo-Con shits. How on Earth can you claim to represent ordinary people when you are such Neo-Con shits?


ed: The point is that if you’re such Neo-Con shits then you are Neo-Con shits. There is no difference because you are Neo-Con shits … who care nothing for people – never mind ordinary people. Neo-Con Labour shits care nothing except Neo-Conism. You evil, careless b’stards.

Neo-Con Labour have nothing to offer ordinary people. Well, they can offer you ridiculous, irrational shitless scaredness. That’s what Neo_Conism is. Be afraid. Be far more afraid of a ridiculous nothingness threat. Hey be afraid of walking on the pavement – that’s far more dangerous. Be afraid of going out. Stay in. It’s so dangerous – far more dangerous than food poisoning or falling down. Wouldn’t that be awful if you fell over? Terrible, That’s life.

Anyway, back to the Neo-Con Labour Party. They’ve accepted fully the Neo-Con skit. You know what it is – be skitless afraid. C’off Neo-Con Labour Party. Just C’off.

Be afraid to catch a bus. Be afraid, be so afraid. Be afraid. These b’stards make up terrorism shit to control you through fear. I suggest that we need a backlash. How dare they? How dare they manipulate people through fear? How dare they? Cnuts

How dare they manipulate people through fake manufactured terrorism?


And such ridiculous, transparent terrrism nonsense. Can we hold thib to account?

It’s unfortunate that I will never have the same importunities – hey that may be it. No, I’d like similar opportunities to do TB and IB as they had. FM I was lucky but thanks also to everyone that I did not acknowledge before.

Isn’t it like an eye for an Ii? Isn’t it quite clear?


I find it really weird that this IB cnut is still tolerated. I suppose that’s their siht siht. Shall we call it total siht? IB such a siht, it is so transparent that he was such a political tool. How on earth can anyone suggest that there is anything near democracy with absolute New-Labour murdering and more police cnuts like this? Oh Fcuk off.

New Labour Ian Blair. It’s so ridiculous. IB – actually – covering for murdering bastards on the tube. Jean Charles de-Menezes. de-Menezes is the surname. JCD.

ed: What can be done about this then? I have suggested 6
Is there another resolution?

Well of course there are other resolutions …
It’s difficult to accuse dead people. Be good if they died soon not from old age

Ed: The trouble is that this all seems outside any judicial process e.g. former Boss of the Metropolitan Police with assistance from a foreign paramilitary force calling for the murder of a UK citizen. If it’s outside any judicial process then I have suggested a resolution.

ed: Probably military rather than paramilitary. Yes, employed and financed directly. I don’t suppose they were anything else. Perhaps paramilitary because they were pretending not to be foreign military in UK.

Not that different to(p) terrorists then if you think about it.

ed: Yes, they were foreign but pretending not to be. They invented terrrism.

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Keep them there till they die … well we’re in charge, we’re the totally partisan police … let’s make look it look like a terrrist attack although we’ve had loads of tube incidents signed: Ian Blair

Let’s chose who’s going to live

Ian Blair: We’ve got to get the numbers right. We’ve got to pretend that this is a terrrist attack instead of just another dust explosion on the tube. We’ve got to do it for my master Tonee (If you search you will find that I adore Tony and consider it my duty to perform ‘the intimate cleansing’).

We’ll do that Oh it’s so awfull down there BS and just keep underisables to die  – int. revos, human rights lawyer, Beer, Brewer, etc

Ian Blair: You can’t come down here yet, they’re still not dead. It’s all those lefties and gays and that. Stay out for a few days until they’re dead. FM, that human rights lawyer is still breathing, give me a day or two.

IB: I’m only getting away with this because of Tonee and those other Neo-Con Labour Party Fascists – John Reid, that fat two-arsed Cunt. Anyone should know that we can clear the tube in no time – but we’ve said it’s terrrrrrist and we’ve got to leave all them to die to make up the nummbers. The numbers are important – better the Devil you know! We’ve got to leave those who we’ve decided to die to die. Better really, they don’t agree with us.

Were there problems with getting down to tube explosions before? No, there was no problems.

Tony Blair & Ian Blair

Labour Party: This was your shit Ian Blair being Tonee’s butler

ed: There have been many explosions on the London tube. They are dust explosions. I think that I am correct in saying that there was never a fatality. It’s clear that this incident was manipulated for political purposes – by those shits Ian Blain and Tony Blair. They let people die and they decided who should die

for political purposes

Don’t be stupid ignorant. You’re identified by your mobile phone.

Ian Blair and Tonee decided who were going to die. By the numbers.

By the numbers …

for JcM


J d M

The Labour Party,

So what are you going to do to make it right?

Are you going to hold people to account?

Most likely no

Then, I am your enemy because you can be such evil bs and not have any regard that this poor guy was killed for your BS

It could be easy EdMb: You do IB and TB when you’re elected. They’re gone all of a sudden. Isn’t that fair? A deal with someone-or-other. Taking me to the pub would be a start. You’ve got to clean the s**t. Didn’t they teach you at PPE?. I have no concerns when I go sailing.

Is not necessary to go to the pub. Until I get a commitment …


ed: Look the point is that tube stations are really close to each other and the tube only travels about 4 or 5 miles an hour. Have you researched the tube cleaning train? It was a vacuum cleaning train that was discontinued – so more dust

[1/10/14 There are claims that the underground travels at about 20 mph average including stops. I think that is hugely exaggerated. ]

ed: Tube stations might be only a mile or two from each other -is no problem for rescue services firemen


Let’s get back to Ian Blair and Tony Blair. Can they be suicided please?

or other, I don’t care

Is it too much to ask that their families are also suicided?

Yes it probably is

These cnuts like John Reid, Charles Clarke, Jack Straw. Isn’t it shit when they call for someone to be killed while they’re hiding. I’m not hiding. Don’t they deserve it?

later edit: I forgot the blind cnut. Him too.

[The Labour Clarke, not the Tory]

I think that it’s fair, when these cnuts had power …

They did it, I do it back

Like I said, I have a mirror

C’mon Jonothan, I want to move on. I wanna go sailing and earn my earrings

1/10/14 There’s a section missing from this post. I’m sure that I mentioned the bus, about BMA doctors being able to recognise dead people.

About the number 30 bus on 7/7/2005 7/7/7 . The point about the bus is how were there 2 dead on the bus on 7 July and 13 dead on the bus on 8 July? That’s a difficult one to answer unless of course having a major incident like 7/7 provides the perfect excuse to go out and murder a few people. It’s then easier to put them on the bus than to take them down to the carriages.


Hasib Mir Hussain

Kingstar van

Wisdom, William Wise

leads to

Jean Charles de Menezes


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Conspiracy Theory Unofficial Narrative Fake Manufactured Terrorism The story of the London Bombings 7 July 2005 7/7 Jean Charles de Menezes Ian Blair Tony Blair

I’m not sure about this and I’d like some feedback.

THIS ARTICLE IS TO BE REPEATEDLY UPDATED AND AMENDED. While I have a lot, I don’t have the whole story so I would appreciate help with the uncertain parts. Thanks.

[23/11/13 One of the problems I encounter is that people helping don’t realise what I’ve already got. For example, I got the ’empty’ lead years ago when I was ignoring it as it was repeatedly raised.]

It’s a good day (to start).

Context, Terrorism, 2005 election, Inquiries Act, Bristol Indymedia, G8 & Privy Council ruling, Dust explosions, London Bombings, Cobra meeting for G8 not 7/7, Jerusalem Post articles, Ian Blair, murder of Jean Charles de Menezes


Terrorism is a godsend for governments. It provides a wonderful excuse for dodgy newly-developed airplanes falling out of the sky when their doors open at 30 thousand feet and it provides a wonderful excuse for dust explosions on the London Underground. It provides a ready excuse for shitty old Jeeps with documented faults crashing off motorways and bursting into flames. It provides for massive made for television sacrificial rituals to start already planned wars.

7/1/14 The magick is working, I’m making fine progress – it’s almost as if it was hidden in plain sight all along. It was.

Just a tiny piece today. On 7/7/2005 – the day of explosions on the London underground and the strange bombing of a double-decker bus an hour later – the boss of the Metropolitan police Ian Blair said “The most important message though however is just that it, while it is a confused situation it must be a confused situation in multiple sites like this, a co-ordinated effort is slowly bringing order out of the chaos.”

There are two issues about this statement. Firstly try finding it using a search engine. It’s almost as if I made it up. I didn’t of course but the web has been scrubbed. That takes the sort of power that only governments have.

Secondly, what is meant by the phrase ‘order out of (the) chaos’ which is explained very well here

The need to deter democracy by alienating public opinion from public policy, is one that has been long understood. Back in 1921, the highly influential political columnist and media analyst Walter Lippmann, wrote the book “Public Opinion”,where he discussed the need for the “manufacture of consent”; given the inherent pitfalls and barriers to an accurate and effective public opinion (democracy, essentially), it is necessary that this opinion is crafted by a higher sphere of influence. This was understood very well by Edward Bernays, who was the founder of Public Relations (he indeed coined the term), and the formulator of not just corporate, but also political PR. He sketches out his views on this in his 1928 work, “Propaganda where he states that “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society”, suggesting like Lippmann, that democracy is a “chaos” that needs regulation from above. This “above” is a small section of elites: “We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” These are the people who will ensure that the masses are sedated, and free to run their daily lives, without participating in the broader picture of public policy, given the dangers that this would pose to the influence of said elites, and thus the smooth functioning of society. To paraphrase Bernays, a leader must serve by leading, not lead by serving.   Read more:

As explained in the quoted section above, bringing order out of chaos can be understood to be ‘manufacturing of consent’,  “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses …”

Well-educated people – better educated than myself – politicians and the like, people who … for whatever reason … have come to realise the meaning of the term would, er … recognise the term and know what it means. That there was a manipulation of events to manufacture consent going on.

8/1/14 Just for fun since we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, … he know’s I’m right. I’ve seen the light, it’s been revealed to Me, etc.



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New tack


Some of you – a select few – will be aware that I have very recently made some good progress researching the events of London during the early reign of the Blairs – Tonee and Ian that is. I’m making progress on the unofficial narrative of events.

I want to get it correct and well documented so it will likely take some months. In the process, I’m also addressing the causes of some other issues like rambling nonsense postings and changing tack.

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I don’t want to do this any more

First revision 13 july 2013

I don’t want to do this any more. I would much prefer to be sailing. I’d like to buy a small boat but then I’d need to be working and earning. I’d like a regular boyfriend. I’d like to drink less and make fewer rather embarrassing remarks.

I don’t want to do this any more. I want to be working and earning so that I can buy a small boat and go sailing. The trouble is that I can’t be working and earning because these bastards get in the way all the time.

I could be working and earning or just working on earning to start with if it wasn’t for these bastards. I’ve got some skill and knowledge with puters – it’s just problem-solving, analysis, understanding systems. I think that I’ve demonstrated that I’m able and bright enough to do that. I am. I have the ability to be a sys admin, network admin, programmer, etc. These bastards will never let me do that.

I know a good crowd who run a social enterprise. Basically it means that they make very little money but at least they are doing some good and improving themselves. I could hang round with them and do some work if it wasn’t for those bastards. Those bastards that interfere all the time spying and prying and breaking networks and things. I’ve tried, I can’t work at the social enterprise that I know.

Looks like I can’t have a boat because of the bastards. [24/07/13 edit: Then earn money doing some different work.]

I don’t want to do this any more. It started years ago around 98 or 99. I was one of the early bloggers. Reality cracking, rejecting the bullshit that they feed us every day, they take us for fools. That’s asking for it.

Ian Blair is quite a pathetic figure really. He’s achieved very little apart from covering up for murder and a big pension. Corrupt and promoted far above his intellect and abilities for political reasons. New Labour to the last he even blamed Boris when he cut the deal with Jacquie. He’s just a useless bastard really, a parasitic tic with the sadim touch.

It is worth looking at Ian Blair’s tenure as boss of the Metropolitan police. You’ll see that he did a lot of politicking and very little policing. There’s a lot of very thinly disguised bullshit going on, a definite agenda other than policing being followed. He was Tony Blair’s butler. I’ve lately been having this image of the two Blairs being cheeks of the same arse sharing a mouth. Ugh.

I don’t really want to do this any more because – contrary to some speculation in the past – I have achieved what I set out to achieve. I have cracked reality. I have reached an understanding of what it’s all about. It’s about a lot of things and about the interactions of a lot of things. I’m not likely to be able to explain even if you were accepting and attentive which is unlikely but perhaps I should try explaining some main points.

The concept of parallax. [Thanks Parallax:)

Things look different according to where you’re looking from.

So, being a suspected terrorist of the self-exploding type I can reason that there are no real terrorists. Since I know for a fact that I am not a terrorist but instead labelled as a terrorist I can reasonably conclude that there are many more similar to me. I am in fact aware that there are many others similar to me. For example, in UK whole political groups of non-terrorists have been labelled terrorists.

What’s going on here then? Are there terrorists or not?

There are certainly terrorists.

There is the odd one or two obviously insane terrorists like the failed shoe bomber. This is interesting because labelling people as terrorists as the authorities do is likely to lead to self-fulfilling prophesies in some cases. It is also likely that that is the intention since there is a definite dearth of terrorist terrorists.

Then there are people who hack people to death on crowded streets in daylight. They’re not terrorists. They’re racially-motivated murderers. Incidentally, it’s interesting to see how the press and media were manipulated in such cases.

Then there are the real terrorists. The SAS got caught with bombs in Basra. Terrorists. We know that they’re terrorists because they had bombs, were disguised, didn’t have a reasonable explanation and were broken out of jail by the UK army.

Then there is the modus operandi of the terrorists. They arrange a security drill to make sure they’re all in place to control the act and the press and media. Then they blame Islam and Muslims, even sometimes making false claims on websites. Sometimes they even sneakily change laws just to make sure they will never be held to account for their terrorism. The timing is also often very convenient or accords to some higher (Non-Muslim) reason.

Then there are terrorist acts which are known as military operations like killing hundreds of thousands on innocent Iraqis or war crimes using banned chemical weapons like white phosphorous. Oh FM don’t mention that, that was the Israelis. Somehow these incidents are not recognised as terrorism.

I’ve got it. Terrorists are the people that the Fascist scum criminals in power are opposed to. So political activists and opponents to scum politicians are terrorists except of course that they’re not: they’re political activists and opponents of scum politicians. You get people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden labelled as terrorists except of course that they’re not. They’re not even traitors – they’re serving their people and opposing scum politicians / real terrorists.

So why does Islam and Muslims get blamed so much?

Islam and Muslims are a hindrance to Capitalism. Capitalism needs to make more profit and expand into Muslim countries. How can Capitalism do that if these people look after each other and indulge in charitable giving and the like? Capitalism needs to burn that oil.

Is that about it?

That’s about it except about scum politicians. Tony Blair and his bunch of shits weren’t socialists. Nick Clegg and his bunch of shits are not liberals. They’re all Neo-Liberal Neo-Conservatives who have hijacked their respective parties. The UK ‘Liberal Democrats’ are doing some awfully illiberal things because Clegg and his crew are huge Tory bastards pretending to be liberals.

I feel a bit better now. I suppose that I have to do it. Nobody else will.


13/07/13 7.50am typos corrected

19/07/13 11am added links


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Jimmy Savile, Ian Blair, the police and the IPCC

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary reports on the many instances that the police refused to pursue allegations against Jimmy Savile due to his status and affiliation(s?). Savile was effectively above the law because it was not applied to hime

The missed chances to get Jimmy Savile

The official report into what police knew – and, critically, failed to do – about Jimmy Savile makes grim reading.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the watchdog that looks at how the police function, looked for evidence of reports, complaints and intelligence that had been gathered on Savile down the years.

They didn’t find a great deal – just seven potentially actionable complaints which emerged during a series of incidents. The inspectorate lists a further series of incidents in which people tried to report Savile and, in effect, failed to get the police to record what they were being told. …

I want it on record that I have experienced the same in trying to get the police to investigate allegations of very serious crimes against former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Ian Blair. I have made serious allegations to the police which are simply ignored. This is exactly the same as with Savile – he’s protected through the police’s refusal to record or take action on any credible allegations against him. Similarly, again it is because of his status and affiliation(s?) although I’m sure that Blair can’t now have any friends and must be universally hated for the useless little shit that he is and has been.

Which brings us to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Why are police treated so differently when they are accused and investigated? Shouldn’t they simply be investigated like any other criminals? Why are they told of accusations against them?

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UK political news review

Since the last UK politics news review the main issue is that the official narrative of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster has been proved to be totally fabricated. Feckin wake up will you? Terrrists that hate our freedoms brought down two skyscrapers, Suicide bombers in London, JCD was not murdered by Zionist scum? Come on.

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While I am supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange …

While I am supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange …

It occurs to me that there may be other political activists and dissidents that need supporting by a capable band of encrytption and associated capable people.

It is not only Assange that has made a stand and expressed himself.

While having no intention to diminish the treatment of Assange, there are others that have similarly confronted injustice and been subjected to similar treatment,

To be an out there dissident – an (effective, on the web) vocal opponent – of Fascist agenda and policies – means that you (me) are targetted by the powers that shouldn’t be in all sorts of *nasty* ways.

I would welcome some Wikileak activists, especially encryption experts to research for themselves – of course if that is not already apparent – about the activities of the New Labour government, the murder of  Brizzlian  Jean Charles de Menezes and the following murders by UK police. Were these murders identifying one particular person?

Ian Blair’s statements (particularly the Dimbleby lecture) but I can give you lots of info re: statements in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. I would particularly like confirmation of the foreign – right-wing death squad – that murderd Jean Charles de Menezes i.e. it was not Met Police.

edit: Ian Blair, Tony Blair & John Reid’s statements.

(4am BST edit: Of course if Jean Charles de Menezes (because of his name) murder identified some particular person then – of course – it was pre-meditated. Were further murders (and other confrontations) about identifying a particular person?

Riz Ahmed. Riz Fucker.

edit: j7





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Voting Lib-Dem and police issues


The Liberal-Democrats are engaging in allsorts of illiberal and anti-democratic gymnastics to avoid a vote on abolishing the NHS.

I’m sorry to admit that I actually voted(1) Liberal-Democrat at the last general election. I could never vote Tory and I couldn’t bring myself to vote Labour even though it was no longer hijacked by Blair & Co. I’m going to have real problems ever voting Labour. They willingly allowed themselves to be hijacked by a Fascist, psychopathic nutter totally divorced from reality and any concept of truth who quite clearly pursued an alien agenda for so many years. Unison and Unite were so supportive of Him. Is it so important to remain in power that you prostitute all your values? Today, the Liberal Democrats may be following the same path.

Back to voting Liberal-Democat at the last general election. It was a tactical vote but I’m pleased to say that it had no effect since my constituency is certain to return a Labour MP.

As I’m sure that you’re aware – while there was no overall winning party at the General Election the Conservatives and the Liberal-Democrats formed a coalition government, the ConDems. I was pleased that New Labour was eventually defeated and out of power and initially hoped that the Liberal-Democrats would restrain the Tories. No such luck. It turns out that Clegg is a Tory in everything except political party. A European Tory, immensely rich and privilleged and – although exactly the type that are repeatedly appointed – entirely the wrong person to hold any political office. Why oh why did they listen to the press and dump Campbell?

The ConDem coalition – essentially a Tory government – shit on the electorate. Tuition fees, the Education Maintenance Allowance that was so important to poor families and now the NHS. “No top down reorganisation”. What a Blair-faced lie that one was. “We’re not privatisng the NHS”. Well, you’re not selling shares but in every other sense the NHS is getting privatised. Foreign and UK companies running hospitals, the profitable bits getting cherry-picked and a cash-starved shell of an NHS having to pick up the pieces. Health insurance, pay or go without – isn’t that privatisation?. Opposed by all major healthcare associations and yet they continue in destroying the NHS.

“No top-down reorganisation”. There is quite obviously no mandate for change.

The Lib-Dems will and are getting blamed for this. Without them it would not be happening. The toxic comments they get on newspaper articles are instructive. Will it be fatal for them? I expect to be campaigning against the Lib-Dems with anti-Blair vigour unless they change their ways pretty quickly.

(1) To be continued.


DRAFT: to be expanded – particularly murders by police, the role of ACPO.

There are many issues.

I am regarded by oppressive state authorities as an anarchist and potential violent terrorist. This is really quite strange since I consider it important to vote and participate in the democratic process. There is something quite clearly wrong here.

It is clear that I regularly vote as some simple searches will demonstrate. Why then am I regarded as an anarchist? How can the official assessment be so absurdly wrong? Similarly, it is clear that I participate in the democratic process and that I have always participated within the discourse of politics. Why then am I regarded as a potential terrorist – a potential violent extremist? Again, how can the official assessment be so absurdly wrong?

I consider that a huge proportion of it is to do with my perspective and activity. As somebody who rejects fake, manufactured terrorism I have been cast as the enemy. As somebody who recognises and is able to identify the real terrorists, I am the enemy of those terrorists.

Accusations of terrorism used to involve issues such as making bombs and using bombs and the threats of such things. We have seen – particularly over the last decade – that terrorism is used by strong vested interests to promote and pursue a particular agenda. Accusations of terrorism are now cheapened and directed at those that oppose such strong vested interests.

Oppressive state authorities promote the official ideology of fake, manufactured terrorism while the true anti-terrorist is cast as the terrorist. Accusations of terrorism have come to be directed at percieved opponents of some powerful interest group.

The official assessment is so absurdly wrong because the world has been turned on its head. Those that should be concerned with fighting terrorism are the terrorists and those that are accused of being terrorists are the anti-terrorists.

20/9/11 Still in Draft: may be altered and to be expanded

The question remains: Why is the official police assessment of me so absurdly wrong despite clear and obvious evidence to the contrary?

While it is accepted that the police are capable of staggering incompetence, there is more than that. I think that the answer is harassment – it is obvious that suspected terrorists can be violently killed by police with complete impunity at any time. This is a continuation of the harassment I endured from Ian Blair and John Reid. The same bullshit is involved – homegrown terrorists, liquid explosives, etc.

I think that many murders by police that are similar to me are intended to reinforce this point i.e. we can kill people similar to you so we can kill you. The police involved and their superiors are responsible for these murders by police and they are likely to continue until they are held to account.


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Previous Blog: Esoteric Knowledge #3 Jean Charles de Menezes

An article from my previous ‘On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing’ blog that ceased on 31 May 2011. Links are broken.

The previous blog was mysteriously deleted in early December 2008.

[7/1/14 Please note that I now have improved powers of exegesis.]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 – Esoteric Knowledge #3 Jean Charles de Menezes

This blog was mysteriously deleted in early December 2005 [actually 2008]. Here is a posting from the deleted previous content.17/12/08 Please note that since writing this article I have come to understand far more about the revelation of ‘Jean’ and that there are mistakes in this article. For example, I now believe that the sequence of bullets was 137 – that’s one to the shoulder so that he is not killed instantly, three misses and then seven to the back of the head. The revelation of ‘Jean’ tells me that Jean Charles de Menezes was selected for execution. It was state-sponsored murder with the hidden message in his murder being the identity and location of another that the Fascist UK Labour Party government and their butler Ian Blair wanted dead. Ian Blair has repeatedly made deep’s identity known, has repeatedly called for deep’s murder and has repeatedly harassed deep e.g. “Houston, we have a problem.” said by Ian Blair was said by a cuddly astronaut toy in deep’s lounge, followed by a farty noise.Fascist UK Labour Party Home Secretaries – including the current incumbent Jacqui Smith – have repeatedly stated their support for Ian Blair. The Fascists should be held accountable for their actions and should not be governing the country or in public office.In Occult circles there is a tradition to not share Occult wisdom. I have not ever taken any such vows, I have come across this knowledge through my researches into 911, 77, Jean Charles de Menezes, etc. It is anyway not secret but published for everyone to see and apply.

I do not play by your rules. The rules of the game have changed particularly since there have been repeated attempts on my life and this knowledge has been used against me.

I would also say that it appears that Ian Blair has been fantastically indiscreet in his use of this knowledge, apparently in an attempt to save his own sad skin. I followed his first Mark Twain comments to find the reference. I would be extremely surprised if he hadn’t taken and broken vows of secrecy.

18/12/08 I was also mistaken about the approach to gematria. It is worth taking gematria very seriously – considering tarot correspondences of the final letters, etc.

� January 9, 2007 – Esoteric Knowledge #3 Jean Charles de Menezes

There have been a few posts on this blog concerning Gematria. I looked at Tony Blair’s use of the word ‘cow‘, the date of and the eleven bullets that killed Jean Charles de Menezes, the 210 in polonium-210 that allegedly killed Alexander Litvinenko and the ‘missing’ key that enables English words to be translated to Gematria. I had better explain how I’m using it to research events.Gematria started as a study of sacred texts and it is believed by its adherents that it provides an undertanding of the universe. Words or phrases are translated into a number. For a particular number there are many definitions that are equivalent to each other. It is somewhat interprative and subjective.Gematria is employed in my research in a few different ways. With the cow I searched the Gematria Reference for cow and discovered that it is equivalent to to break or send forth lightning, to flash forth; lightning; flash; pr.n. “Thunderbolt”. With Litvinenko’s 210 and Jean Charles de Menezes’ 11, I referred to those values in the reference. I have also been using Agrippa’s key to convert English words and phrases into numbers before referring to the reference.

Does it work? Perhaps it is more appropriate to ask why it shouldn’t work. I am treating Gematria as a way to communicate based on a special body of knowledge. That knowledge will be shared by Freemasons and similar organisations worldwide e.g. secretive North American university societies. Surely some of them are communicating in this way? The real test is have a go, see if we can discern any messages, see if it is useful to wider research. 

“It seems that Gematria constitutes the clavis magna – the great key – to the secrets of the Freemasons. Therefore, turning this key promises to be an eye-opener for all of us troglodytes grovelling hopelessly in ‘profane’ darkness.”


Selecting phrases/numbers can be a lottery. Chose the wrong phrases or numbers to start with and the results will be worthless, wrong and misleading. Any word or phrase will produce some result. There needs to be a message to start with. Gematria is approached – hopefully – as a Freemason would use it to convey messages. A UK or US mason is not going to learn the strict complex rules of Gematria to any great depths e.g. it is not necessary to learn the Hebrew or Greek alphabet since we are dealing with English. As I have persevered, I have started to remember certain key numbers and their meanings. For example eleven is to do with slaughter and sacrifice and 1 directs to 111 in the Cabbalistic (QBL) tradition which we – or rather Freemasons – are pursuing. References to animals are often references to animals as sacrifices. Hadad was a god of rain and thunder and lightening.Individuals probably use their own distinctive styles in communicating through Gematria so that it may be more important to appreciate the style rather than any strict rules. I’ve found that it’s worth following redirections e.g.890 redirects to  170 and 330  and 14 reads (see also 13). I also suspect that it’s a good to hit primes, especially large ones. 

Here’s the ‘missing’ key to convert English words and phrases to Gematria. This is Agrippa’s keyIt’s useful to write a simple program to convert words and phrases into their respective numbers – it saves a lot of time and effort.

The Missing Key

The Missing Key
The Missing Key

(* ‘Hi’ is an obsolete letter)

source CABALA – Missing Key to the Secrets of FreemasonryOn 7 July, 2005 – the day of the London explosions – Ian Blair, Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police said “The most important message though however is just that it, while it is a confused situation it must be a confused situation in multiple sites like this, a co-ordinated effort is slowly bringing order out of the chaos(890).” Many sites appear to have misquoted Blair as saying “order out of chaos”(777) which is recognised as a classic Freemasonry phrase. It confirms that it is likely that Blair is a Freemason and to warn us that we should be alert to possible ‘covert’ messages using Gematria.We have already seen 210 from Litvinenko’s polonium-210, 227 and 11 from the number of bullets and the date of Jean Chares de Menezes’ death (22/7 2 + 2 + 7 = 11 (227 > 11 > 2) and 317 from the assumed sequence of bullets that killed Jean Charles de Menezes (and also gives 11 > 2).

227 > 11  >  2

227 (49th prime)
pr.n. “Warlike”.  –  Kratos?
pool or pond.  –  relates to water
to pick, pierce, penetrate
to bind fast or hard; to force; to be strong, brave, cruel.
a taught heifer (one used to the yoke). —  A trained cow. Could this relate to Blair’scow?

317 > 11 > 2Special Reconnaissance Regiment

317 (66th prime)
grave mound, tomb.
a sharp or new sword; pr.n. “New Built”.  –  First use of Operation Kratos (shoot-to-kill) by British police?
the dry, dry ground, the dry land.  –  in contrast to the deep ocean?
a place sown, a field.
the west, westward. 

11 (5th prime)
to slaughter.
to cluster
to turn; to wind; to surround; to be strong, mighty.
pr.n. “A Pit”.

festival; feast; festive sacrifice.
good; pleasing.


On 21st July, 2005 there were ‘copy-cat’ attacks similar to those official account of the London explosions of 7 July, 2005. The big difference was that the ‘bombs’ used on 21 July were apparently unable to explode since there was no explosives. Since the date appears relevant for de Menezes death, lets see what the previous day, 21/7 may tell us.

217 > 10 > 1 ( to 111 in QBL tradition)

correctly, exactly. – Does this relate to the copy-cat attack, that it was an exact copy?
food; fatted; fleeing, fugitive; fleet, quickly gliding; bolt, bar. – There were stories that de Menezes ran which were later refuted. fugitive?
to wave; shoot, twig; switch, rod. – shoot
river, stream; the Nile; fosses, moats; channel, mine shaft.  –  No tube stations are discussed in the scriptures on which Gematria is based. Can we interpret tube station as a mine shaft?
is watered.  –  water crops?. Gematria has many references to agriculture. Watering is preparing crops. Can the events of 21/7 be considered preperation for the events of 22/7?
to shoot.  –  to shoot

to be strong. pr.n. “Might”.   –  could be a reference to Kratos.
secrecy, concealment (in speaking or moving); sorcerer; sorcery; mutterings; necromancer; softly, stealthily, secretly.  –  There is certainly secrecy and concealment surrounding the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. necromancer.
to tread down, destroy.
a shearing; a fleece.  —  fleece, would that be a coat?
to dart, to fly swiftly; rapid flier (a bird of prey), the glede, vulture, kite.  —  are darts bullets? kite


red or ruddy.
sunless, dark; sunset, darkness; concealment; mischance.
wickedness or wrong, pr. n. “Evil” of a tribe in Edom.

What does it mean? It could mean nothing. It could mean that the mock-terrorism of 21 July was a preperation for the killing on the following day. It could mean that the events of 21 july were interpreted through Gematria and acted upon on 22 July.

The bus that expoded on 7 July 2005 had a poster on its side reading ‘Absolute Terror … Bold and Brilliant’

It is claimed that 56 people were killed in the London explosions of 7 July, 2005. 56 throws up 11 > 2 yet again. It is alleged that 13 people were killed in the Tavistock Sq bus explosion (strange that). 13 (6th prime) –  includes  one (1); first; anybody, someone; the same, sole. I wonder if that’s one, the first one, someone – anybody – that looks the same? 13

10 Jan 07  Discussion

I’ve selected numbers carefully. I am fairly confident in the 227 – the date of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, 317 the sequence of bullets, the 56 deaths and the 13 deaths on the bus. Except for the 56, they’re all primes. If they’re primes, then they are by definition not random numbers. Except for the 13, they all produce 11 > 2. What’s different about the 13? It’s the alleged number of dead on the bus. That’s on the 8th of July 2005. On the 7th of July 2005 only two people died on the bus. This was outside the British Medical Association and doctors attended immediately. This discrepancy leads me to strongly suspect that it is a significant number – that it is a message.

I am not at all confident about 217 – the day of the copy-cat attacks without real explosives. There are no primes and no discernible pattern.

Let me explain about the 317. Jean Charles de Menezes was shot 7 times in the head, 1 time in the shoulder and 3 shots missed. Does it make sense that skilled marksmen missed 3 times at point blank range? Does it make sense to shoot him in the shoulder after you’ve killed him by shooting him in the head? Does it make sense to shoot him seven times in the head? One’s going to do it, two or three to make sure.

317 also gives a a sharp or new sword; pr.n. “New Built”. The Special Reconnaissence Regiment was formed on 6 April 2005. That’s three and a half months before Jean Charles de Menezes was killed. Wikipedia says

Personnel retain the uniforms of their parent organisations with the addition of the sand coloured beret and the SRR cap badge. The cap badge shares the Sword of Damocles or Excalibur in common with the other SF emblems, in the case of the SRR placed behind a Corinthian helmet surmounting a scroll inscribed RECONNAISSANCE. ”

So there’s your sharp or new sword. UK police are able to demand that soldiers assist them – see Ian Blair’s “copper-bottomed trousers“. It makes sense to use special forces for assassinations because they are above the law. It guarantees that they will not be tried for murder and virtually ensures that the real murderers – Ian Blair under the direction of Cobra and the Civil Contingencies Act i.e. the Blair government – will not be tried for premeditated murder. It explains how the IPCC was refused access to Stockwell station for five days and how there was no CCTV.

Surely it’s illegal for soldiers to be out of uniform whatever Fascist John Reid may claim. It’s unacceptable that this Fascist government is using soldiers to execute unsuspecting members of the public regardless of whether they’re in uniform.

One interesting anomaly I stumbled across while researching. It seems that Charles Clarke was not aware that the Metropolitan Police was following a shoot to kill policy. Although he was Home Secretary at the time, it looks as though he was absent from the Cobra meeting of 21st July 2005 – which is presumably when it was decided to kill somebody. It looks as though a Cobra meeting was planned but an earlier meeting was held in response to the copy-cat events.

Notice that Excalibur Blair-watchers?. Excalibur was also the name of New Labour’s campaigning and rapid rebuttal computer at Millbank circa 1997.

12 Jan 07  More Discussion

11 > 2 repeats.

56 > 11 > 2 The number alleged to have been killed in the London explosions. This number includes the four alleged suicide bombers.

227 > 11 > 2  Date of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

11 > 2 The number of bullets that killed Jean Charles de Menezes regardless of the sequence.

to be continued

‘Grand Hailing Sign of Distress’

13 Feb 2007

Could this ‘police officer’ be a soldier?

Press photographs of members of the armed response team taken in the immediate aftermath of the killing show at least one man carrying a special forces weapon that is not issued to SO19, the Metropolitan police firearms unit.

The man, wearing civilian clothes with a blue cap marked “Police”, was carrying a specially modified Heckler & Koch G3K rifle with a shortened barrel and a butt from a PSG-1 sniper rifle fitted to it — a combination used by the SAS.


Another man, dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and trainers, was carrying a Heckler & Koch G36C. Although this weapon is used on occasion by SO19 it appears to be fitted with a target illuminator purchased as an “urgent operational requirement” for UK special forces involved in the war on terror.


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