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Cameron’s Pig Society :: Dodgy Banking, government supports tax evaders

I’ve been looking at Cameron, Osborne & Co’s record on tax evasion. Tax avoiders and evaders are ennobled and joining the government, ideological opponents to tax appointed to senior HMRC posts, etc. There’s certainly the appearance that Cameron, Osborne & … Continue reading

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Commentary on recent UK political events

Hey Ho, Hey Ho … The Guardian reports that the UK electorate is angry at politicians for being slippery, lying bstards. I think that politicians should be concerned at the level of hatred and subsequent non-participation. How can they claim … Continue reading

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Commentary on and analysis of recent political events

Today’s politics news … Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal With EDF Faces Probe An inquiry has been launched into whether a £16bn government deal with French energy giant EDF to build a nuclear plant in the UK meets EU rules. Britain … Continue reading

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