Oxford council calls for Thames Water to be taken into public ownership


Workers from Thames Water delivering a temporary water supply from a tanker

CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed Oxford City Council’s unanimous vote in favour of calling for Thames Water to be taken into public ownership following a motion to end water privatisation.

The motion, proposed by Green Party councillors Chris Jarvis and Lois Muddiman, will also see the council writing to the firm to request that its chief executive officer Sarah Bentley attend a meeting with them.

Since water was privatised in England in 1989, over £72 billion has been paid in dividends to privateer shareholders, while infrastructure has deteriorated.

According to the GMB union’s research, Thames Water lets 635 million litres of water leak out of its system every day, equivalent to leaving a hosepipe on for 73 years.


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Green party conference opens with call for wealth tax to fund renewables


The Greens have kicked off their conference with a call for taxes on wealth and “dirty profits” to finance the transition to renewable energy – and a condemnation of Labour’s plans, unveiled last week, as woefully insufficient.

At the gathering in Harrogate, days after a Labour conference based heavily around clean power initiatives, the Green party in England and Wales – the Scottish Greens are separate – repeatedly stressed policy differences not just over renewables but also areas such as support for strikers and public ownership.

The party’s co-leaders, Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay, pledged in a joint speech that they would introduce an emergency tax package to fund renewable energy and a scheme for mass domestic insulation.

The Green Party: Tax the richest 1% to pay for better, warmer homes, say Greens

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Green Party members vote to strongly endorse and affiliate to Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough is a mass movement resisting the cost of living crisis. It was launched earlier this year, and has grown rapidly. Over 500,000 people signed up to the campaign by the end of August and the group has held packed out rallies in cities across the country. On October 1, Enough is Enough held protests and actions in solidarity with striking workers in 50 towns and cities.

Enough is Enough has a set of five demands – delivering a real pay rise for workers, slashing energy bills, ending food poverty, ensuring decent homes for all, and taxing the rich. Recent polling from Survation found the group’s demands are popular with the public. Survation found 84 per cent support capping energy bills, 76 per cent support pay rising with inflation, and 72 per cent support increasing taxes on the rich.

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AJ what a (Blairite) cnut!

I’m going with EM

I could help him

Actually, I’m thinking that I will

It was three or four days ago when the challenge EM started.

Then I knew he was the one to support.

Shame that he’s not a Leftie or a Socialist or he’s not been yet.

IDS terrible incompetence, repeated attacks on those least able to defend themselves. This nonsense about welfare tourism – do you know how difficult it is to claim benefits? three months?


ed: actually attack at every possibility. Be opposition. IDS is terribly easy cos he has been incredibly incompetent. later: opposition parties should criticise without reserve. That’s what they used to do isn’t it? Criticise, moan, call them (far worse than your classmates at Oxford).

Labour party can employ me instead of the Yank twat.

but BTW, I support the Green Party. You should have employed me before I said that.

What has EM got to do?

He was following a strategy of not doing anything. The problems for that is UKIP and SNP gains in Scotland. It looks dodge for the Labour Party now – there was an expectation that the Labour Party would be fine at GE2015. Now it’s changed.

It looks as though EM now has encourage people to vote Labour. Hmm.

The problem is that they’re done nothing to distinguish themselves from anyone else. Well, they may have done a few things but it’s not been noticed. Another problem is the ice cream stall. (economics BS theory). Yet another problem is that all these political parties are REALLY indistinguishable. It’s not really that they’re indistinguishable – it is that there is no difference between them – and so they are indistinguishable because it is the same homogonous Eton mess.

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