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Welsh music and art

Mi wyfaf amdan i. yn bell dros y mor.

Heather Jones is such an amazing, incredible, wonderful singer

Derek Jarman Gobaith mawr y ganrif is censored.
You can’t have that – it’s about gobaith mawr y ganrif and ymgrymwn i.e. it’s like tipping your body forwards showing your respect for royalty like (not necessarily royalty). Gobaith mawr y ganrif = the big hope of the century (that’s translated pretty well). It’s the Welsh Derek Jarman musician – different to Derek Jarman film director. The Welsh Derek Jarman was very good as well. Looks like you can’t find him cos yt search doesn’t allow it.

This one dresses in black like JC. Not goth, like JC. A Welsh legend.

An old one but a good un.


I am very proud to be Welsh.
I can’t sing like that but I do appreciate it and understand.
I do my thing which I am compelled to do …

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