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How I disagree with Greg Dyke on Tony Bliar

Inspired by this article about Greg Dyke on Tony Blair. Tony Blair has been called “a shady figure” and a “very sad man” by former BBC director-general Greg Dyke. In an explosive interview with the Financial Times, he also said … Continue reading

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NHS news review

It has emerged that Andrew Taylor, head of the Co-operation and Competition Panel has been liaising extremely closely with private-sector lobbying groups to produce the report claiming that PCTs impose waiting so that patients either pay for treatment or die. … Continue reading

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Bono: tax dodging gobshite

Bono: tax dodger

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Yet more confirmation that Tony Blair is a lying, divorced-from-reality war-mongering little shit

The Independent confirms that the interests of UK’s oil companies was central to Bliar & Co while they were publically lying and promoting some bullshit smokescreen about weapons of mass destruction, killing his own people – as if USUK wouldn’t … Continue reading

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