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2020 was worst year on record for UK government secrecy

https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/freedom-of-information/2020-was-worst-year-on-record-for-uk-government-secrecy openDemocracy has an exclusive report exposing the depth of the government’s attack on the Freedom of Information Act Last year was the worst on record for government secrecy, new research by openDemocracy has revealed. Just 41% of Freedom of … Continue reading

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OpenDemocracy starting legal action to defeat Boris Johnson’s UK government evasions of scrutiny and accountability

Why we’re taking the UK government to court to protect Freedom of Information OpenDemocracy is taking legal action over the Cabinet Office’s ‘Orwellian’ Clearing House that vets FOI requests and could breach data protection law openDemocracy is going to court … Continue reading

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WORSE THAN USELESS BORIS AND HIS NASTY TORY PARTY SCUM :: Mishandling Covid-19 :: Meetings Held By Test And Trace Chief Dido Harding Kept Secret – On Cost Grounds

What’s this about? Meetings held by chief of UK’s worse than useless test and trace ‘system’ Dido Harding are censored but why? The cost grounds as a very poor excuse – there should be an easily accessible record of the … Continue reading

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UK politics news

A small selection of recent UK politics news articles Failed at the NHS? Try again at HS2: Newly appointed director at rail project has history of ‘wasting public money’ – UK Politics – UK – The Independent  The public sector … Continue reading

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