The unaware, ignorant UKIP biggot …

aren’t they Conservative or Lib-Dem?

Well there are slight differences

The (possible) point is that they’re racist, sexist Little Englander biggots.

and the point is if you’re a racist cnut then you’re a racist cnut

and if you don’t like gays then you’re an intolerant homophobe

this is reality like and you are denying reality, holding on to a Victorian vision of England

UKIP are like a century out of date

UKIP have values like fifty years before they were born

Please sir, can I have more?

Smack the child …

Send children up chimneys

Farrage is that stinky stuff liquid from the bottom of dust bins – that really stinky farrage with maggots in

It’s really nasty that this former foreign-exchange dealer is proposing anti-estabishmentism when he and his ‘party’ is totally pro-establishemnt.

He doesn’t really have a party – it’s all about his man in the pub nonsense. Can you find a manifesto? Can the manifesto not be discarded after going to the pub?

Go to the pub. That manifesto doesn’t count any more. I’ve been to the pub.

NF: But I hate Europe and foreigners although I’ve done fantastically well from being a MEP

NF: These Europeans are really nasty (except for my wife)

It’s really nasty really, isn’t it? The politics of hatred. UKIP are following a certain pattern. Isn’t discriminating against ill people similar to discriminating against disabled people? There is a historical precedent.

UKIP: You’re going to have to do better than the biggot in the pub. (and I think that’s all you are)

ed: UKIP are doing very well from pretending to be anti …

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