Saudi Arabia to punish a drug dealer

UK news is full of Saudi Arabia to punish a drug producer, transporter and probable dealer who was fully aware of the consequences of his actions.

14.00 edit: It appears that the story about the drug dealer is intended to hide another story about Saudi Arabia.


Jeremy Corbyn: the prime minister has been shamed into a U-turn

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Recent UK politics articles and one about abuse in Florida.

“I want to use this election to raise awareness of the imminent danger posed to the NHS by the EU/US trade agreement which will allow American companies to carve up the NHS and make the privatisation process irreversible.

“I also want to alert the public to the gravity of the threat to the NHS from this government with its programme of cuts, hospital closures and privatisation and to send a powerful message to politicians in Westminster and Brussels that people will not stand by and let their NHS be destroyed.

“If elected, I will strive to ensure that EU regulations don’t adversely affect the NHS and are always in the best interests of the health of British people. The health of the nation spans all areas of policy from the environment to the economy”.



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