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The trouble with Boris Johnson

Well c’mon you all know the trouble with Boris Johnson. He’s am upper-class twat. I’ll have to continue this but I think that you understand. It’s not only that he’s a twat, it’s also that he’s a condescending upper-class twat … Continue reading

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Exclusive:: Necker Island free holidays for NHS workers and Socialists

An onaquietday.org exclusive Richard Branson’s Necker Island is open to NHS workers and Socialists for holidays. While it would normally cost you vast amounts to stay at this luxury, f*** o** resort reserved for the super rich, I have arranged … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson insults gays and bisexuals with onanism and porn remarks

This article considers Boris Johnson’s remarks about terrorist onanism and proposes two alternative terrorist profiles – one of terrorists and one of their agents. Privilidged Mayor of London Boris ‘Bullingdon idiot’ Johnson claims that ‘If you look at all the … Continue reading

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Politics news allsorts

Comment and analysis of recent UK politics events. Major Tory party donor chosen as chair of government nature watchdog Like it says but apparently totally coincidental that an investment banker is appointed head of wildlife and nature watchdog, Natural England. … Continue reading

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