Cameron says be afraid of evil terrrists in this dangerous world

Image of David Cameron“Sometimes in the dangerous world in which we live we need our security services to listen to someone’s phone and read their emails to identify and disrupt a terrorist plot.”

Cameron said the public needed to be protected from “criminals and terrorists”


The UK Tory coalition government and the so-called Labour Party opposition have joined in a stitch-up to pass excessive spying on the public laws.

The nasty coalition government and its mate the Labour Party are responding to a judgement by the EU Court of Justice that the Data Retention Directive 2006/24/EC was invalid since it “disproportionately restricted individuals’ Charter Rights under Article 7 (respect for private and family life) and Article 8 (protection of personal data).”

Support of this attack on human rights appears to be against Ed Miliband and the Labour Party’s interests: While Miliband is seeking to protect a wafer-thin poll lead, electors vote for what they have already got when they are scared. This is what Ian Blair was doing – suggesting “Bubonic Plague” while campaigning for Tony Blair at the 2005 election. ed: actually that wasn’t what Ian Blair was doing discussing “Bubonic Plague”. That’s what he was pretending to do.     later ed: Let’s say he was doing two things at once.


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Who does it benefit? eh?

Yes, who does it benefit?

I’ve found it very easy. I just followed mainstream media articles and it was very obvious …

edit: Oh that should have been corporate

1.15am I looked through news archives and realised that Tony Blair could not have survived without ‘terrorism’. Those single quotes are not enough

**** ???? !!!!!

1.24 What a load of BS

17/4/05 during an election campaign

Ian Blair, New Labour’s favorite policeman and a political appointment by that Cnut Blunkett warns of Bubonic Plague (Black Death)

[Breakfast with Frost] (David Frost]

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