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Commentary and analysis of recent political events

There’s a special edition of BBC Question Time tonight from Johannesburg, South Africa. I hope that somebody will discuss the real legacy of Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress: that South Africa is still an Apartheid state. The clearest … Continue reading

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Politics news allorts

Commentary and analysis on recent UK politics events. There’s a very good article about the sanitization through political values of Nelson Mandela and the South African campaign against Apartheid at politics.co.uk. I’ll quote some but urge you to read the … Continue reading

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About Nelson Mandela

News reports about Nelson Mandela should pay attention to his life: That he was a freedom fighter That he was imprisoned for so many years The reaction of the rest of the world at the time The apartheid regime Opposition … Continue reading

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Free Nelson Mandela

The Conservative Thatcher government refused to impose sanctions against the oppressive Fascist, Apartheid regime of South Africa. I had a sign in my window reading “SANCTIONS NOW” although I’m pretty certain that I was regarded as a terrorist before then. … Continue reading

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