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Tony Blair let off for lying to UK parliament and electorate

You may have missed this story which was not covered by major news corporations. http://www.sunherald.com/news/nation-world/article138780373.html LONDON Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair won’t face an investigation into whether he misled Parliament before the 2003 Iraq invasion unless new evidence emerges, … Continue reading

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Politics news allorts

Commentary and analysis on recent UK politics events. There’s a very good article about the sanitization through political values of Nelson Mandela and the South African campaign against Apartheid at politics.co.uk. I’ll quote some but urge you to read the … Continue reading

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Politics news allsorts

Links today – reach your own conclusions. I spared you from a photo of Alastair Campbell. Secret memo shows key role for Blairites in Labour’s election team (Alan Milburn started the privatization of the NHS under Blair) conflicts with David and … Continue reading

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