Starmer’s child abuse sentencing attack explodes in his face: he wrote the sentencing guidelines

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Reminding everyone all the time how he used to be [a bad] Director of Public Prosecutions may not have been the smart tactic

Keir Starmer’s vile exploitation of child abuse victims to attack Rishi Sunak exploded in Starmer’s face today.

Last night Labour posted a graphic claiming Sunak doesn’t care about protecting abused children or jailing paedophiles – and was rightly ripped to shreds for the disgusting tactic. Starmer then hid and sent out minions this morning to face the justified inquisition over his foul and racist tactic.

dizzy: Here’s the graphic that we’re discussing (not included in the Skwawkbox article).

But now, sharp-eyed critics have spotted that Starmer’s attack on Sunak for supposedly not sentencing paedophiles harshly enough is in fact a big fat finger pointing right back at… Keir Starmer. Because when he was Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Starmer wrote the sentencing guidelines that are used to decide whether child abusers go to prison and for how long.

After two years of work, the Sentencing Council met at least three times, once in May 2012 then in both the summer and autumn of Starmer’s last year as DPP, to discuss and agree sentencing guidelines on sexual offences – including against children. And Starmer, as DPP, was a key member of the council:

As former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns pointed out, this looks bad (read appalling) for Starmer to be attacking sentencing practices that he wrote during a job that he never tires of boasting about:

But ‘bread and poses’, who first pointed out the evidence, was more pithy:

And this is far from the only issue in Starmer’s record as DPP – as well as being rated poor by those forced to work for him, he and his organisation let off the likes of Jimmy Savile and the police murderers of Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes, while sentencing people to prison for stealing an ice cream.

Labour has today tried to move the story along by putting out a near-identical ad but targeting Sunak over general sentencing – but nobody is buying it:

There are almost daily signs that Starmer, for all the ‘grown up’ and ‘competence’ rhetoric of his cheerleaders, just isn’t very good at politics, as well as being dishonest and both morally and politically bankrupt.

But this issue represents Starmer pulling the pin on a grenade then holding it while he points and gurns at others until it goes off in his face.

Original article reposted from the Skwawkbox for non-commercial use.

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