Shell Threatens Greenpeace With Jail Time Over FPSO Occupation

Shell has hit Greenpeace occupation of its oil and gas platform with an injunction, threatening up to two years of jail time and fines.

Shell’s threats backfired as Greenpeace escalated its protest by adding two more climbers to occupy the company’s oil and gas platform using boats unaffected by the court order.

Protestors are demanding that the company stops expanding oil and gas production around the world, takes responsibility for fueling the climate crisis, and pays up for the climate destruction it is causing everywhere.

Two Greenpeace protesters used ropes to board the Shell-contracted ship from one of the small boats. They joined four other activists who have been occupying the oil and gas platform since January 31. Three other activists joined the protest from the Merida vessel brandishing banners with the message – Stop Drilling. Start Paying.

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