The post about rethinking how to campaign effectively. These are suggestions and you are welcome to disagree.

The problem is that climate campaigning has reduced severely and not recovered since pre-lockdown levels. The problem is that climate campaigning is not effective since pro-climate actions are not taken while actions damaging to the climate are. Participation has reduced, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that governments are not taking any meaningful or any action and that deterioration of the climate continues unabated.

Why is climate campaigning not effective? The oil industry is deluged with money, traditional media is generally opposed to climate action and governments are owned by the oil industry, high finance and the media barons, all having power without responsibility. I have reached the conclusion that governments and politicians are so dependent and subservient to big oil, high finance and the media barons that they are inseparable from them. I may be wrong on this point but can’t see any other explanation.

For example, traditional media has decided who the UK’s next prime minister will be. You may have been told that it is Conservative members’ decision but their preferred candidate has already actually been excluded. I know who the next prime minister will be so it’s pointless wasting time watching it. That’s the power that Murdoch has over government and politicians and he will no doubt have his usual back-door key to 10 Downing Street.

In UK we have recently witnessed unaccountable corrupt politicians alien to the concept of truth engaging in profiteering cronyism, showing a total disregard for laws and decency and contempt for the electorate. I suggest campaigning that seeks to hold politicians, big oil or the lying media to account may be effective.

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