Proud to be an eco-zealot, we need to call the apocalypse-zealot cnuts names too

I can only speak for myself only. I am proud to be concerned for the environment, nature and the future of the planet – to be an eco-zealot.

Tory assole apocalypse-zealot Esther McVey goes in for name-calling with a total absence of rational argument. eco-zealots, pampered overprivileged nitwits, publicity-hungry anarchists, more ego-warriors than eco-warriors, need bringing down a peg or two by both the police and the courts, probably living off their family trust fund, eco-loons, eco-extremists, terrorists [with] nutty ideas. Terrorists? Nutty ideas like preventing apocalypse? The science is clear, it’s Esther McVey who is the unhinged zealot. She’s some kind of psychopath campaigning for climate destruction.

[22/4/23: Having paid some attention to McVey, I suspect that she may be insane.]

The Sun attacks activists for driving, eating fruit and veg and being a mother. Shopping at Waitrose while being a member of Extinction Rebellion, What disgusting, shameful activities will they do next?

A gammony man-child and Farage anger? They’re the mad fekkers …

[Full disclosure: I’m not at the Big One because I’m hopefully only temporarily ill but def there in spirit.]

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