Political betting tips

Gambling is dangerous: you can lose your stake so don’t blame me. Please consider donating a little to the boat fund if you make loadsa money. You have to be 18 in UK to gamble.

Euro Elections a week today. My favourite at the moment is Conservative-Labour-UKIP at 20/1. Most votes Conservative if you can get good odds. Nil Lib-Dem seats at 7/2 is good. Avoid the Rufus Hound special – there’s no chance since he’s number 5 on the list.

Political betting

22/7 Election day. I’ve just made a covering bet on Labour-Conservative-UKIP at 20/1. I honestly can’t see UKIP doing as well as people expect. Like I said, don’t blame me.

There are now very good odds – currently 33/1 – on Conservative-Labour-UKIP.

23/5/13 What’ll appen?

24/5/14 Possibly jumping the gun


26/5/14 … let that be a lesson to me

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