Memo to Davros 3

I suggest that the real point is that Capitalism cannot possibly address the crisis of climate change and that therefore the Capitalists scum of which you are their representatives are redundant.

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Memo to Davros 2

I think that it’s widely accepted that Capitalism has caused global warming. Davros is considered to be the uber-Capitalists. We’re pretty pissed off with you.

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Memo to Davros

You are the representatives of Capitalist scum. We hold you responsible for climate change. Can we do anything other than stop you Capitalist bastards from destroying our planet?

slightly later: Enough of the privilleged, inherited useless class of parasites. Fuck you rich inherited shits

We can’t afford these useless polluting shits any more

I’m telling you there is a new world order and you’re not part of it. You are rightly recognised as the problem

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Climate Change

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New World Order

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Did we have an unnoticed revo?

Some of you may remember that I used to call at times for a revo. I’m wondering whether a great deal has been achieved, that ther may have ben an unnoticed, silent revo so that everything has actually changed. The flaw in this analysis is current Brexit nonsense. Is that simply the Tories tearing themselves apart?

What I’m suggesting is that five or ten years ago it was inconceivable that we would have a Socialist government. Back then the choice was Tory or Tory not blatently stated.

The concept of extemism in politics is applied to people, parties or polices that are on the margins or beyond the contemporary political spectrum. Environmentalists and nationalist parties i.e. Plaid Cymru, the Scottish Nationalist Party, Meibion Kernyw and Sinn Fein were regarded as extremists and yet are now regarded as legitimite.

Then there are abusive relationships. The point about abusuive relaionships is that the partner that has most need of the relationship is abused.

2.20 Intending to write more. I’m trying to be far more efficient, trying to make sure that my efforts will be productive.

Moving on to Brexit nonsense, it should be recognised that Theresa May’s minority government (is that correct?) is the seriously abused parter with the DUP. It is widely regarded that DUP wants a hard Brexit and when it is analysed logically that conclusion is not remote.

2.08 minor spelling and grammar corrections

Is it just me or is everone frustrated by these total incompetents?


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Rooted rather obviously

My smartphone has been rooted rather obviously. Ring volume was turned off and didn’t want to be altered. Different statup sequence with options to enter bios and microcode on restart.

A friend’s Debian laptop had the root password changed. Her phone answering device also reporting wrong details of calls e.g. external, international.

The obviousness and lack of finesse involved is striking and I’m unused to it. Undecided whether it’s incompetence or deliberately over the top to be noticed. It’s strange that it’s such a brash approach.

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I’ve been visualising the contemporary UK political spectrum as a Wimpy Bender. A doughnut would have done but misses the greasy knarlyness of it all. That greasy, rough knurled-ringness. I’ve got a hard plastic knurled knob like that on my bike trailer. Douhnuts are close to an archetyple ideal circle, smoth and sugar-coated so it’s not that.

Back the Bender. So you visualize the Bender, a greasy vertically-ling-fried serrated ring of

[6/1 What I ment to recount was

It’s a circular sausage – a ring of sausage ****-fried after being deeply-serrated on it’s outside circumfrrance.

So you visualize the nasty cicular ****-fried sausage –

The political aspect is [that] bender is flat in front of you. Think of a doughnut if you have to. At the front is the centre of UK politics, nothing to see there really. 90 degrees to the left is Corbyn’s Labour party. 90 degrees to the right is Theresa May’s Conservative party ofter referred to as the Tory party or the Tories.

At the back of the bender or doughnut you have the hard no-deal brexiteers who want radical libertarian deregulation meeting the radical libertarians from a left perspective.

[2.37am To clarify, I am suggesting that radical libertarians are radical libertarians.




I should post more often


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What a revelation

I made clear that I was opposed to Hinkley C. No new nuclear can be permitted anywhere because of the nuclear waste pollution, particularly high-level waste. [ed: the point is that nuclear power is really nasty shit and hugely polluting for essentially ever)

All new nuclear to be stopped now.

By Order


[ed: apparently someone has. Authority …

[I have been anti-nuclear since I learned about it in my early teens. All new nuclear to stop and not be completed



[18/1/1[8ed:9] Hitachi / Wylfa has been uncertain for some considerable time.

Nuclear has always been subsidised by governments. Nuclear is extremely expensive but the real point is that such nasty fantastically toxic pollution should be avoided by not doing nuclear power.

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Checking in

Just checking in and addressing a few diverse issues.

I should really do the long promised Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) expo particularly since UK govt is to review the HHSRS scheme in the private rental sector I’m very relieved to be moving out of my slum private rented flat very soon.


Council Housing is maintained strictly to HHSRS standards. [21/1/19 Council housing should be maintained strictly to the HHSRS standard i.e. it is the minimal legal standard so councils should meet that standard. The reality is that – no doubt due to austerity – it’s often extremely difficult for council tenants to secure maintenance or repairs to that standard.]  It’s utilitarian but adequate.

Problems with HHSRS in the privare sector are that

Environmental Health Officers (EHO) who enforce HHSRS in the private sector have absolute discretion over the application of HHSRS leading to the very real possibility of corruption. I got the impresson that EHOs were biased and very concerned to excuse landlords from their responsibilities e.g. building regulations. The senior EHO who was attending my slum flat to protect my landlord’s interests was very friendly with him as if they were members of the same club.

The HHSRS scheme is only concerned with appearance and it is perfectly acceptable to EHOs that problems are simply hidden. At my slum flat ceilings and walls damp from the sieve-like roof are hidden behind false walls and ceilings.

[25/11/18 Combi boiler has failed this weekend so no heating or hot water. This was the reason for my first report to EH in Nov/Dec 2 years ago. Attending EHO exercised absolute discretion by deciding that it was acceptable since it worked when she attended. There is some support for that decision since HHSRS is at the time of inspection except that she was biased and quite clearly protecting the slum landlord’s interests.

Combi boiler was installed by an unqualified cowboy* approx 10 years ago. Combi boiler has been unreliable since a ‘service’ a fornight ago. Landlord rushes around to satisfy legalities when expecting a HHSRS inspection i.e. those legalities are otherwise not satisfied. I have had to have HHSRS inspections to force landlord to do necessary repairs e.g. ceiling repair.

*cowboy is a UK slang term for workmen with little training or experience who will take your money for extremely poor service and workmanship.

Combi now briefly working.]

[28/11/18 I got the message that some people oppose my intended move. I’ll do wtf I like. I  can’t see my current flat existing in five years or so – it is seriously falling away from the rest of the street. The neighbouring property filled a 2″-wide gap recently and I often see new cracks at mine. Need to name my new flat.]

I was successful at a benefit’s appeal on 20 September after it taking about 16 months. The tribunal recommended that I was not reassessed for 24 months from that date. I was reassessed on Thursday, 22 November. I had the same assessor as last time so I had overturned her recommendation at appeal 2 months previously. It appears that the policy is to require appeals because so many claimants simply can’t manage that. I’m expecting it all again.

Lots of Brexit nonsense at the moment. While I am personally opposed to Brexit as a democratic Socialist I feel bound by the vote despite the all sorts of illegality in the Brexit campaign. The Brexit deal choice with one option reminds me of Blair and Campbell.

There are parallels between Brexit and the oppressively intelligent Donald Trump. He was elected and now he’s owned by the Israeli-Saudi Arabian axis. His Achilles’ Heel is fairly obvious – he was in a certain Israeli paedophile’s book of contacts, his daughter’s hinted at it, the way he treats women …

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Universal Credit forces people to use foodbanks

Universal Credit was is Iain Duncan Smith’s project to do away with many ‘legacy’ benefits for them to be replaced with one benefit. Affecting low-paid workers as well an non-workers, UC is a terrible mess and not fit for purpose.

It is disappointing that Citizens’ Advice Bureaux have accepted £51M (39?) from the government to advise UC claimants.

Foodbank use to soar after next stage of universal credit, Trussell Trust warns

GOVERNMENT plans to move more people onto universal credit (UC) could lead to a huge increase in those turning to foodbanks to survive, the Trussell Trust warned yesterday.

The charity, which runs more than 400 foodbanks across Britain, said that demand in areas where UC has been in place for at least 12 months has increased by 52 per cent, compared with 13 per cent in areas where the new benefit has been in place for three months or less.

Benefit problems are the main reason for referrals to receive emergency food supplies, the trust said, adding that people moving onto UC account for a rising proportion of foodbank referrals.

Waits for the first payment and the shift to the new system have been blamed for causing hardship.


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Theresa May lies, John McDonnell says Labour to dump Universal Credit

Theresa May lies claiming that austerity is over at her Rich Scum party speech.


Labour will scrap universal credit, John McDonnell declares

“I think we are moving to a position now where it is just not sustainable. It will have to go.”

Mr McDonnell accused Prime Minister Theresa May and the Tories on Saturday of lying in their claim to the public that austerity has ended.

The shadow chancellor, who spoke at an anti-austerity rally in Pudsey, Leeds, told the Morning Star: “We will be holding the government to account. This is the third time in two years the government has announced the end to austerity.

“The Institute for Fiscal Studies has said that 75 per cent of welfare cuts are still to come, so if they are serious about ending austerity, in his coming budget Philip Hammond should get up and announce the end of cuts to welfare.

“He clearly will not — and we will be exposing what is effectively a lie.

“Three times they have announced the end, yet there are still cuts coming to welfare benefits, school budgets and local authority budgets in particular.”

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Let’s Dance and Enjoy and Celebrate Human Rights

Human Rights are great and deserve celebrating and dancing. Human rights are about treating people with respect and decency. Let’s celebrate them and dance.


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The trouble is that I take it for granted. It’s clear to me, I understand it, the way it works.

There is a small minority in charge – a priveliged elite – who keep it that way. Ignorance is ever so wonderful for them.

later: they do all sorts of manipulation to maintain their control

Ian Bone knows

I am proud to say that I have been on protests with Ian Bone. It’s very unlikely that he will recognise or know who I am. As a Socialist, I have respect for him.

(Just(…) like myself, he is a political activist). Respect.

15/9/18 Ian Bone was in the news recently for shouting at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s children. Watching the video of the incident, it is clear that Rees-Mogg, an adult responsible for his children was unconcerned and made no effort to get them away. It’s also clear that Bone is addressing the children to make his points. Privileged upper-class twats should be aware that they are hated (the adults I mean).



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Comment on Labour party anti-semitism allegations

I am not and have never been a Labour party member.
Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party are repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism. Many people recognise that these accusations are directed at Corbyn and the Labour party because Corbyn has traditionally shown sympathy to the Palestinian cause. These accusers will not be satisfied until Corbyn is deposed as leader.
The Labour party cannot accept anti-Semitism being conflated with anti-Zionism. Zionism and the Zionist project is a political ideology and movement. To conflate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism would mean that discussions of Zionism and Israel would be censored.
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NHS privatisation and Virgin

NHS sign

NHS privatisation soars as private companies win 70% of clinical contracts in England

30 December 2017

NHS spending on care provided by private companies has jumped by £700m to £3.1bn with non-NHS firms winning almost 70 per cent of tendered contracts in England last year.

Private care providers were awarded 267 out of a total of 386 contracts made available in 2016-17, including the seven highest value opportunities, worth £2.4bn.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Care scooped a record £1bn worth of contracts last year, meaning the company now has over 400 separate NHS contracts, making it the dominant private provider in the NHS market.

The extent of Virgin Care’s portfolio has angered campaigners, as the company pays no tax in the UK, and its parent company is registered in the British Virgin Islands – a tax haven.

Virgin Care also sued six NHS commissioning care groups (CCGs) last year after it failed to win an £82m care contract, losing out to an NHS provider and two social enterprises.

Parasitic capitalism is killing the NHS

Private companies are sucking the lifeblood out of the health service, writes Kane Shaw.


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Warning to landlord reads "Intruders may get killed"

My landlord is a total asshole. I’ve changed the lock to keep him out but I had to leave builders here Thursday. My ‘personal’ disappeared last night and I have suspected him of coming in at 3 or 4am previously. I am not going to restrain myself if I find anyone uninvited in my bedroom at that time.

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Craig Murray is the authoritative source on UK complicity in rendition and torture

Theresa May specifically and deliberately ruled out the Committee from questioning any official who might be placed at risk of criminal proceedings – see para 11 of the report. The determination of the government to protect those who were complicit in torture tells us much more about their future intentions than any fake apology.

It is worth reflecting that the Tory government has acted time and time again to protect New Labour’s Tony Blair, David Miliband, Jack Straw and Gordon Brown from any punishment for their complicity in torture, and indeed to limit the information on it available to the public. The truth is that the Tories and New Labour (which includes the vast majority of current Labour MPs) are all a part of the same elite interest group, and when under pressure they stick together as a class against the people.

Despite being hamstrung by government, the Committee managed through exhaustive research of classified documents to pull together evidence of British involvement in extraordinary rendition and mistreatment of detainees on a massive scale. The Committee found 596 individual documented incidents of the security services obtaining “intelligence” from detainee interrogations involving torture or severe mistreatment, ranging from 2 incidents of direct involvement, “13 to 15” of actually being in the room, through those where the US or other authorities admitted to the torture, to those where the detainee told the officer they had been tortured. They found three instances where the UK had paid for rendition flights.

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Intending to start properly blogging again

But, come on can’t you do it?



Edit: There was a thing, no?

A thing about … political assassinations, the assassination of a totally innocent bystander …

Is that acceptable to you?

Are you willing to let that pass?

The trouble for me of course is that he was killed instead of killing me. Is it acceptable to murder a totally unaware, unsuspecting bystander (like e.g. you, your partner, your mum or dad, your kids, depending on their name)

Jean Charles de-Menezes

He was selected to be assassinated because of his name.

So they kill a particular person to send that particular message. You can’t avoid that because it’s the message.

Surname is DeMenezes.


It was an evil era. Politicians of that era behaved with a contempt for the law and should be held to account.


You have to show that you’re different.

Go deep.

1 shot in the shoulder,

3 missed,

7 in the head


later: It was a foreign gang

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