I oppose the Con-Dems

Years ago when Cameron was a upcoming politician I made a posting. I will post that posting again as soon as I can find it.

I want it recognised in no uncertain terms that I oppose this Conservative and Liberal-Democrat coalition.

I oppose the demolition of the National Health Service, the demolition of higher and further education and the the sale of nationally-owned forests.

Call me a Liberal if you like … but don’t call me a Tory.

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Memo to Pinoccio: This is politics

This is politics. It’s not as though you haven’t been warned. You are so excessively, vastly rich enough to not [edit: not to] be involved. You are so excessively rich and connected that you can just have an easy life being an excessively rich parasite. You can just be an excessively rich twat and that is probably what you should have been.

Politics can be and probably should be very rough and that is where you’ve decided to go.

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Condems intend to destroy the NHS

Conservative election poster 2010

The National Health Service (NHS) is regarded fondly by many people in UK. Although not perfect, it is there when people are ill, when they need help and support when they are most vulnerable. The UK Conservative and Liberal-Democrat – ConDem – coalition government intends to abolish the NHS through privatisation while pretending to reform it and give users more control.

The UK has traditionally had a mixed economy – services provided by public and private bodies. The public institutions traditionally provided infrastructure such as health, council housing, transport and postal services.

The role of the public sector has been diminishing in recent decades under successive Conservative governments’ pursuing the evil ideology or dogma of privatisation. The previous openly Conservative government of Thatcher, etc privatised UK’s train service. Tony Blair was a Conservative – acually a Neo-Con or Crypto-Fascist – pretending to be a Labour party politican. He introduced swathes of privatisation into the NHS e.g. he continued the previous administration’s fetish of hugely expensive PFI hospitals, completed the privatisation of the train service and repeatedly tried to privatise the Post Office. The current ConDems government intends to privatise the Post Office and sell publically-owned forests.

Privatised train services in UK are now close to useless. The service is unreliable with extortionate and prohibative prices. Imagine the NHS running to the standards of the UK’s train service if you dare.

There is huge opposition to the ConDems intention to destroy the NHS from health service professionals. Quoted below is a recent article from the Guardian. Please note the links to different groups of health professionals at the end.

Is anyone in favour of Andrew Lansley’s NHS reforms?

Cameron and Lansley are pressing on with their shakeup – undeterred by a broad coalition of opposition

It is the biggest shakeup in the history of the country’s best-loved institution, and a high-stakes political gamble even for a government intent on pushing through radical change. The health secretary Andrew Lansley’s plans to transform the NHS in England have united in opposition doctors, health thinktanks (and the right-of-centre thinktank Civitas), unions representing the 1.4m-strong NHS workforce, health academics, MPs on the health select committee, the NHS’s major employers, and patients’ representatives.

Even David Cameron’s brother-in-law, an NHS cardiologist, thinks the government has got it wrong, the prime minister admitted last week.

Cameron and Lansley are pressing on undeterred. The plans will see England’s 152 primary care trusts and 10 strategic health authorities abolished, and consortiums of GPs commissioning £80bn a year of healthcare. They will be able to opt for treatment from “any willing provider” – NHS, private healthcare or charity – fuelling suspicions that the result will be the privatisation of the NHS.

Hospitals will be forced to compete with each other, and other providers, for patients. Ministers say this is necessary to improve the quality of care and help the NHS become more efficient, so it can solve the riddle of tight budgets at a time of rising demand.

But do the proposals spell, to quote the chair of the Royal College of GPs, “the end of the NHS as we know it”? The Lancet medical journal says that, given the impending “catastrophic breakup”, the Tories’ pre-election claim to be the party of the NHS “seems particularly hollow”.

Here key figures set out their concerns:




Hospital doctors

Public health experts

NHS managers

[Ideas are free …]

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Let’s crucify Tony Blair. He’ll love it.

New year, new blog. This blog lived at http://blogs.cjb.net/dissident/ for slightly over five years. Before then I was an activist posting to various politics NNTP usenet newsgroups on issues such as opposition to the Iraq war, Bliar & Co, George ‘Dubya’ Bush, etc. I was very critical of Blair, New Labour, Dubya, the New Labour politician Ian Blair, the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, etc.

At the blog’s previous location I repeatedly attacked Bliar’s New Labour party. The blog was controversial and attracted links to malware in the comments forcing me to disallow commenting – there was no moderated commenting facility available at that free host. I have no doubt that those posting links to malware were professional and operating in an official capacity. In early December 2006 the blog was somehow mysteriously deleted. It gives me the opportunity to republish some of the better articles.

Here’s a post first published 2 January, 2006. More to follow.

Let’s crucify Tony Blair. He’ll love it.

2006 sees a renewed determination to get rid of the Neo-Con elected dictator, war criminal, deranged and deluded megalomaniacal pathological liar know as Tony Blair. Having lied and lied and lied to support his masters Dubya and Sharon, he has absolutely no credibility or legitimacy. He’s hated just as much as his mentor Thatcher and the War (Labour) Party realise that he is a huge liability.

I’ve often wondered whether we would have to go round on mass to physically drag him out of Downing St. It can be done of course, but there would need a few of us. dissident has come up with an another plan to get rid of the evil b’stard. We persuade Him to crucify Himself over Easter on Parliament Square. He’ll be up for it. He’s such a messianic nutter. He believes that he is the second coming of Christ. He believes that he will rise from the dead a few days later to lead us all (well actually quite a few of us will be excluded) into the Rapture.

Here’s some of Bliar’s messianic garbage from his speech accepting the Congressional Gold Medal for being such an ally in Dubya and Israel’s War on Truth.

mutley gets a medal

Looks like there are two versions of Bliar’s speech. From http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/tblaircongressionalgoldmedal.htm and not from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3076253.stm.

“Members of Congress, I feel a most urgent sense of mission about today’s world. September the 11th was not an isolated event, but a tragic prologue, Iraq another act, and many further struggles will be set upon this stage before it’s over.

There never has been a time when the power of America was so necessary or so misunderstood, or when, except in the most general sense, a study of history provides so little instruction for our present day.

And I know it’s hard on America, and in some small corner of this vast country, out in Nevada or Idaho or these places I’ve never been to, but always wanted to go. I know out there there’s a guy getting on with his life, perfectly happily, minding his own business, saying to you, the political leaders of this country, ‘Why me? And why us? And why America?’

And the only answer is, ‘Because destiny put you in this place in history, in this moment in time, and the task is yours to do.’

And our job, my nation that watched you grow, that you fought alongside and now fights alongside you, that takes enormous pride in our alliance and great affection in our common bond, our job is to be there with you. You are not going to be alone. We will be with you in this fight for liberty. We will be with you in this fight for liberty. And if our spirit is right and our courage firm, the world will be with us.”


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