Over 500 arrested at Dutch Extinction Rebellion protest closing A12 motorway


The A12 highway near The Hague was reopened to traffic shortly after 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, according to the police. The highway had been blocked for hours by climate protesters from the action group Extinction Rebellion. The last activists were removed by police around 5 p.m., but it took Rijkswaterstaat more than half an hour to clear the road and reopen it to traffic.

Around noon, hundreds of climate activists gathered on the road, next to the Utrechtsebaan and on the Malieveld. They protested because they disagree with the government’s handling of subsidies for fossil fuel producers.

According to the police, hundreds of people were arrested, but an exact number has not yet been announced. According to Extinction Rebellion (XR), however, more than 500 activists were arrested. Those arrested were taken away in buses and placed in gymnasiums, among other places.

Overall, the protest on Saturday was a full success for the climate action group. “We showed the level of support for our demand to stop subsidies for the fossil fuel industry,” a spokesperson for the organization said.


Dutch Extinction Rebellion protest closes A12 motorway

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