NHS news review: Nick Clegg does Tony Blair

Nick Clegg was formerly speech-writer for a slug. If we give him the benefit of the doubt – that he is not seriously below average intelligence – then it’s fully deliberate that he’s doing a homage to Tony Blair in his speech to Liberal-Democrats this evening.

Clegg will call on Liberal Democrats to “move on”, “no more looking back” and to “tear off that rear view mirror”. These phrases are certainly inspired and are therefore an homage to fellow – to Clegg – Neo-Liberal Tony Blair. “Move on”, “forwards, not backwards”, “I’ve got no reverse gear” Blair would say in a similarly very poor driving analogy.

I find it very strange that Clegg wants to emphasize his similarity to a hugely despised, divisive, psychophantic, divorced-from-reality useless piece of shit who depended on huge lies and deceptions to achieve His evil ambitions. And while we’re at it it seems that people who obviously don’t drive should avoid the really bad driving analogies that make that point absolutely clear.

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