NHS feedback censor all mention of class discrimination

Have you seen them? Your feedback is welcome … bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. I was there yesterday and there was this strange stupid plinth object next to where I was sat in the waiting room. Your feedback is welcome … bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. The touchscreen didn’t work so I switched it off at the plug (power supply). That didn’t work either – the power switch on the socket didn’t work. The ridiculous expensive embedded plinth thing didn’t work and the power socket didn’t work – there’s fantastically expensive PFI hospitals for you.

When you do manage to give feedback, it is censored. I suggest that you withdraw it if it is excessively censored.

I am the author of this review. I object to the fact that you have censored the title. The title originally referred to discrimination on grounds of age and class while the text supported that claim. Your censorship has clearly degraded my feedback so that the term discrimination no longer appears. The title that you inserted “Hospital feedback” bears no relationship to my title and totally recasts and degrades the feedback that I provided.

I am unwilling to accept your censorship. Please either replace the original title or remove my feedback.

That works. You can try submitting reworded feedback. Claims of class discrimination are censored.

20/3/17 I’m actually very well if anyone is interested. I stopped drinking alcohol for 4 weeks and will probably only drink very occasionally in future.

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