This new total Cnut in charge of GCHQ

The new man in charge of GCHQ is happy to sit in my bedroom when I’m doing consensual wicked actds with my missus.

That’s what he’s saying – You do not have a right to privacy and GCHQ has the right to spy on everyone to identify … what???

So they have the right to watch you getting down to it???

I think that that is what he’s saying. You might be terrimerists! He wants to sit there watching you while you skudd. Isn’t that privacy?

If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to worry about …

Oh FO. You really don’t want these sihts interfering so you are scared to talk to people cos they will follow them to, do you?
You don’t watching you every second of the day, do you?
If you’ve got nothing to hide. FO, it’s Fascim.

Do you want them to know when you fart? If you’ve got nothing to hide …

Yip, Yip, FM, FM, LM, LM, Quinell the stards are listening. Is happened to me. How long until it happens wholesale?

You got nothing to hide?

Of course you have

You got nothing to hide?

Then they can have recordings of you skudding

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