Morning Star: The coronation crackdown signposts Britain’s authoritarian future in important respects

Image of Fascists Mussolini and Hitler
Image of Fascists Mussolini and Hitler

THE crackdown on protesters against the coronation is a wake-up call to the dystopian reality of Britain’s repressive anti-protest laws.

Leader of the Republic campaign Graham Smith, who was arrested and held for 16 hours, is right to warn that “there is no longer a right to peaceful protest in the UK.”

Police chiefs who demur, saying that some protests went ahead and they had to factor in the “once-in-a-generation” nature of the coronation when assessing whether to shut them down, only underline that our right to protest now exists at their discretion.

Republic campaigners were arrested before their protest had even begun, while unloading Not My King placards from the back of a van.

Unless we confront the authoritarian and anti-democratic reality of British state power, our liberties will keep being taken from us.

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