More on rich scum

Image of young rich and poorRich scum are used to people sucking up to them. There’s no need to do that of course – they’re only rich scum. Class War was probably the best at not sucking up to the rich.

Image reads "The rich and powerful piss on us and the media tells us it's raining"One thing about rich scum is that they consume hugely so making massive contributions to climate change. Private jets, superyachts, expensive cars, frequent flying, owning and maintaing large residences or private islands.
Image of a Ferrari driven into a lampost

Superyachts are not really yachts – they’re more like floating hotels or small cities. They’re so big that they have to follow shipping lane routes like oil tankers. Consider their contribution to climate change and all for what?

Image of superyacht Mayan Queen

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