Momentum accuses Starmer of ‘reheated Blairism’ after ‘Clause IV on steroids’ party reform boast

SIR Keir Starmer was accused of “reheated Blairism” today after he vowed Labour’s planned reforms would be like Clause IV “on steroids.”

A Momentum spokesperson said: “Labour members and trade unions want what the public wants: transformative policies to fix the Tories’ broken Britain, from public ownership of public services to wealth taxes.

“By pursuing a path of reheated Blairism, the Labour leadership wouldn’t just be undermining party democracy.

“It would repeat past mistakes, leaving intact a deeply unequal and unpopular economic system. It’s time for change.”

I find it difficult to understand the strategy behind Starmer’s speech which on a superficial level is bound to annoy so many. He’s not popular anyway, why make it worse?

While a general election isn’t expected for some time is his team relying on mainstream media getting behind him? Will that work?

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