Memo to the next UK prime minister

I don’t care which one of you it is – you’re all collaborators with Boris Johnson and half of you are seriously insane, you’re all members of the nasty party criminalising protest and dissent.

2 issues:

  1. Climate Crisis. You’re likely to be forced to address it seriously since we’re going to see far more evidence of it and as a consequence far more people are going to get involved in opposing your climate-destroying actions. It’s likely to reflect badly on you Tory scum that you have been criminalising protest.
  2. I’ve wanted to retire from activism for so long. Unfortunately you’re interfering in my life and failing to respect my human rights. I have the rights that you should not interfere with my communications or prevent me from meeting and engaging with people. I hold Priti responsible for this because she is ultimately responsible for it whoever is actually doing it. I feel obliged to retaliate to protect myself and that will be in the form of increased activism in opposition to you Tory scum.
Image of Thaoth tarot's Ace of Swords
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