Memo to Priti Patel and the UK government

As I have influence as a blogger I should be regarded as an influencer or celebrity as opposed to a potential terrorist. I am only regarded as a potential terrorist and potential other things to diminish my rights because I am opposed to you and your illiberal ways. 

I have every right in the world to propose and argue that events are spun by corporate media and politicians to their own benefit. For example, I have every right to point out that you - Priti Patel - are beholden to Rupert Murdoch, that he backed you and you are Home Secretary only because you have his support and that similarly Boris Johnson is only the UK's prime minister because he has Murdoch's support, that you work for him instead of the UK electorate and population. 

I have every right in the world to argue against the official conspiracy theories e.g. that 9/11 was not done by Islamic terrorists from a cave in Afghanistan and was instead done to enable the Neo-Cons pre-determined agenda and that the 7/7 London bombings were not bombings at all and were instead dust explosions that were only cast as bombings by the made for television bus explosion. Governments and corporate media lie and deceive to present a different, official conspiracy theory - a prime example of this is the Hillsborough disaster. 

I do believe that it is inevitable that Capitalism will fail due to the climate crisis. People are not going to permit Capitalism to destroy the planet without fighting and that fight is going to increase as the situation deteriorates. Capitalism is all about a few people being immensely rich. It is the rich that are destroying the planet. These are facts. We can't afford that and people are going to realise and oppose it. The longer Capitalism continues, the more damage it is doing. This thesis has the status of social or sociological theory. It is not terrorism to say this. 

Your government Priti is interfering with my life and human rights in an unacceptable way. You are doing this because I am opposed to you and your master Murdoch's politics. I have every right to say this in a liberal democracy. 

Your government is interfering with my communications. I can see that you fekk about with my mail and interfere with my online communications. It looks as though I have my own cell tower a couple of street's away for fekk's sake. You're not interfering with my communications and relationships because I'm a potential terrorist. 

Your intention is to obstruct and frustrate me because I am opposed to you. You don't fight terrorism by interfering with deliveries from ebay FFS. You shouldn't be doing it.

I'm finding that you are interfering with my relationships. It's bad enough that you watch everything I do, read all my emails, interfere with my post. You are interfering with consenting adult relationships. Liberal democracies are tolerant of glamorous and yakking relationships. Fekk off Priti, get your oar out.

Who's the Daddy?


Governments watch their opponents. Everything - even ice cream - is regarded as terrorism these days. Governments calling wolf enable them to disregard people's rights. It is expected that Priti Patel as Home Secretary regularly signs it off and I've noticed because it's implemented poorly and possibly intentionally. 
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