How many people believe the Neo-con Bullshit?

Isn’t this a constitutional crisis?

We don’t believe your bullshit.

We call you out – This terrorism bullshit is bullshit.

We realise that the Neo-Con terrorism be afraid bullshit is exactly that.

ed: The Rest of the World recognises Neo-Con terrorism bullshit as exactly that. I would hope that it is recognised that Pres. Obama is a different administration. I hope that he shows that he is. I do actually have some faith in him ;)

later edit: faith might be the wrong word but then that’s the word I used… He’s not there for much longer – let’s be easy, eh?

later again edit: actually I commend Obama and I ask you to support his efforts.

And hopefully he’s realise very soon that drones are outrageous.

counter-productive, nasty, so evil that wedding parties are getting …

Let’s make this clear. I want to or I am even supporting Obama. Yes I am. But let’s stop the nonsense. Let’s stop that.

Actually I’ve got distracted. I’d like the Pres to be righteous.

later: OK Pres: Can you please stop the drones? The problem is that the drones are killing the wrong people. To be honest you should realise that there are no terrorists – that it’s all total nonsense.

Anyway, please stop the drones that kill wedding parties. Also, please stop this War on Terrorism bullshit. There are no terrorists. Please come and discuss it with me.

Well of course there are terroritsts. WTF are they? It’s not difficult, is it?

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