Let’s consider attacks while hiding

Please consider this scenario: You are being attacked by people while they are hiding so that they can’t be identified …


Deir, deir

Dier, dier


Deir, you have six months to live

Sorry, just to make it so clear

dieR, shtnom xis


How dare you, you useless little shit – Reid

Thinking about it, can you do it much quicker?

Reid, you’re such a cnut I would love to … It’s difficult to express but I’ll try

I want to thump you so many times that you are unconscious

I want to beat you senseless so

that you get to know many hells

You’re such a cnut. You send them out there. I take you on. I’ll fkcing smack you cnut.

But then again, you’re dead in six months ::


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